Feedback on sexual satisfaction

In the catching assembly in Ecuador, the right to sexual satisfaction of women is discussed

Unlike worldwide, Maria Soledad Vela was not concerned with its proposal "Right to an orgasm" to raise women in Ecuador for women. Sexually unsatisfied women should not receive the possibility of displaying their spots for slippers. The member of the assembly gathering wants to attack the MACHUS that reduces women to a reproduction apparatus that negates sexual enjoyment as part of sexual life.

About a year ago, the population in Ecuador spoke in a referendum with the overwhelming majority to work out a new penetration for the Andes state. This was a clear victory for the Prasident Rafael Correa, who made one of his central election promises, with which he won the elections in November 2006. In the elections to the catching assembly, the candidates of Correas election official Alianza Pais reached a significant majority with 79 out of 130 seats.

Also, Maria Soledad Vela, which was chosen in Manabi province. The Law, Linguistin and Journalatist now works in the Commission for fundamental rights to develop the new text. Unlike in the friendly Bolivia (conflicts in Bolivia go after adoption of the emergence, the process in Ecuador ran so far without coarse distortions, even if Ecuador on the side of Bolivia and Venezuela the way to a socialism of the 21. Join the century. Have noticed here above all links to bribe trials: 27141, with which the conservative opposition was trying ex-prasident Lucio Gutierrez to bring members of the catching assembly with a lot of money to tore the preparation of the catch.

Excitement now came from a completely different side when the feminist made the right to enjoy sexuality for women on the topic. As the newspaper Mercurio reported from its home region, the project in the commission for coarse swirls have taken care of. Since then dubious messages go around the globe, after which the blonde is the "Right to an orgasm" For women catching premises and unsatisfied women wants to give the right to show their husbets. Some machos had already bleeded a lifelong detention, was reported.

But hardly anyone has read out only the original items out the first lines, because he already provides a completely different picture. Vela was about driving the debate to the sexuality. In the field of sexual rights, according to which each person has the right to free, responsible and clarified sexual relations, "I suggested that it also introduces the sexual pleasure, as part of sexual life and sexuality".

She underlined that in a Machist society as in Ecuador, women have often been reduced to reproduction apparatus and the man is attributed to the satisfaction and enjoyment attributed to the satisfaction and enjoyment. The go in other countries even so far that women with clitoral clippers have been fascinated to take this enjoyment. Although not in Ecuador, there are rape in marriage, which is not even prohibited in 53 countries, reminded them.

Vela scratches on a taboo and calls for better sexual explanation to change social consciousness and strong women. She is responsible for a responsible handling and for a safe and healthy sexuality. "One can forced anyone to enjoy", is also Vela clear. "It is an act of raising awareness and less to which a right to give it already, but to wake up to which it is negated."

According to partly violent attacks, above all from manners from the conservative opposition, which also as "Nonsense" titled, Correa was asked to create her order among his people. It is one "catastrophe", if he was ready to take such intimans in the emergence. One should discuss serious questions, Francisco Cisneros said of the large opposition party Partido Sociedad Patriotica (PSP).

Also Leonardo Viteri of the smaller Christian Social Party (PSC) was horrified. For his rejection, he had had an actual explanation parade. The sexual and reproductive rights were recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), which is why it was not necessary to take them into the new strike, he said. After logic, you can ask yourself why general human rights are addressed in the emergence, which are defined in international agreements. Vela received a popularity, which has long been committed to equal rights of the sexes, of women’s organizations. Also from the Buro of Ombudsman give you support. For Rosario Utreras alone already shows the excitement around the topic the need for the project: "It is a topic that was not allowed to lead to any polemics because it is made clear that we can not do a very complete sense women." Meanwhile, it is clear that the project of Vela is not included in Article 8 of the sexual rights in the penetration.

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