Federal ministry of interior wants discussion about information freedom act

Legal design is now available on the web and a forum charged to the burger participation

For the first time a Federal Ministry a bill and let him discuss on the internet. The Federal Ministry of the Interior published the draft for the Information Freedom Act on his website last week. Numerous politicians had criticized that the government had took the draft so long.

For telepolis reader, the design is not new. It is the version of 20. December 2000, which Telepolis had already published a month before. The design is still in the department in circulation. When to be presented to the cabinet is unknown. NEW for the publicity is the reasoning to the bill.

In a discussion forum, the Ministry also comments on questions and suggestions. However, the ministry does not work on conventions of political nature. For good reason: Civil servants, although they write the law, usually as unpolitically. Here, however, the political line, ie the parliamentary State Secretares or even Minister Otto Schily, had to comment. Concerns of a Complaint Manager named "insider" But the Ministry answered. He had escaped that the law was excluded a complaint or information-free application for information and refused the design "absolutely! and "also as a private person" away.

From that, the participation in the discussion is still worthwhile, the author could already convince himself. On the question, which is above the term "Core area Executive personal responsibility" falls, the Ministry aimed that the term aims primarily on the ratio between Parliament and Government. It should therefore be undergraded whether it can also be used for the ratio between burger and administration. If so, this was considerably cropped the information access right of the burger.

Resist information on the Internet – the law does not necessarily see that. Everybody remains to be released to decide to decide. This question also promised to pursue the ministry. It is also unclear, which is under the term "Consultations of authority" to understand. Because these should not be made transparent. These are murications, protocol notes or briefs? The Ministry now wants to praise the term.

However, what is concerned about the handling of legislation, the ministry was raised: they remain excluded from the access to information, although association in turn due to the "Common managery order of the Federal Ministries" You can get in advance. This is an initially unblinked contradiction.

In any case, association members and politicians have not yet looked like in the discussion forum. Probably she had to invite the ministry personally. In any case, the forum is believed to be the customary burger. However, they have to deal with the law also in detail. Thus, the ministry also puts the burger on the rehearsal: how much is you really at the law? But even the burgers put the authority to the rehearsal: how understandable can the ministries are explained? Some things are kept very legally. A few sentences more were quite required for the general understanding.

The fact that the organization of good conflicts is not trivial, the SPD MEP Jorg Tauss had to recognize, his project "Modern privacy" still remained in the starting pages. He wants to prepare and accompany the draft of the new Federal Data Protection Act. Now he has come to him the Ministry of the Interior with the Information Freedom Act before. But they are also here: On Tuesday, the server dazzed, only part of the contribution could be rescued. Only on my request in the press office, where my contribution remained, the Internet editorial staff decided to a short explain. ()

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