Fear court is standing against the glass drivers

The Federal Scarf Court has explained the mass-like automatic automatic in Hesse and Schleswig-Holstein in accordance with license plates as not compatible with the Basic Law. The relevant regulations in police laws are eligible and void, emphasized the judges of the first Senate in Karlsruhe today. The regulations injured motorists in their fundamental right to informational self-determination, they conducted. The bending rulers have declined with the judgment against the special form of grid investigation on the strain again a fundamental decision for privacy.

Three motorists from Hessen and Schleswig-Holstein had collected against the reasonless and the relevant powers in the police laws of the two landlords. They saw their right to informal self-determination and fired that the resorts with the data could create motion profiles. The Federal Data Protection Officer Peter Schaar criticized the license plate scanning as "Further mosaic stone in a surveillance infrastructure, which concerns all possible areas of life". According to the Lander, fundamental rights were hardly affected because only the hits were stored and the marking data otherwise have been delighted in any way back. From one "Search for blue" Inside, no speech.

In the contested scanning of vehicle license plates, all vehicles are automatically recorded with a video camera without special occasion or suspected. The license plate will then be automatically adjusted with the search of the police, usually with files of the Federal Criminal Office.

The recording of the hallmarks is at least theoretically already possible in eight of the 16 national standards: Bayern, Bremen, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Rhineland-Palatinate are in addition to Hesse and Schleswig-Holstein,. In Baden-Wurttemberg, the method is to be allowed in the context of the novel novella of the police law. The reading is similar as with a radar control either with stationary facilities or from a police car. In Hesse alone, a million license plates were automatically scanned in 2007 and compared with search lists. In Bavaria, it should even be 5.1 million a month. The success of the maaking is controversial. According to the claim, there was a hit rate of only 0.3 per thousand in Hesse. Accordingly, the police went to the police mostly car owners who had not paid their insurance contributions.

According to an opinion on behalf of the ADAC, at least seven of the eight existing landing laws are progressed. The appropriate, clearly outlined clause in Brandenburg can therefore exist. On the cant, the project of the coalition is now, with the help of the cameras in the toll of the buildings on highways and lands the traffic to overwear.

The licenses for mass control seemed to be working in the autumn as early as the trial in the autumn. A phanomen who have to watch the Karlsruher judges at many national laws. Unprazeless, too far, too little fundamental rights – This verdict briefly met the North Rhine-Westfalische Strangsschutzgesetz with his for voidly declared permission of secret online searches and 2005, for example, the regulation on praventive telecommunications monitoring in Lower Saxony. Even the German Police Union (DPolG) is now an emport: "It is an absolute anding that politics has already passed laws, which obviously not coincide with the emergence and must be corrected in retrospect by the Federal Scarf Court." (Stefan Krempl/

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