Fbi intends to integrated biometric identification system

With a billion US dollar, the structure of a multimodal biometric database should be realized

Although the debt mountains of the state grow in the US, apparently not to be saved on the expansion of monitoring. The FBI wants to invest a billion US dollars in the biometric identification system developed by the rating company Lockheed Martin and has quite a monstrose, it should really work and be implemented.

The Next Generation Identification System (NGIS) should first make the existing system for the identification of fingerprints (Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System – IAFIS) more powerful, in particular automated the exchange between 18.000 law enforcement behavior and other legitimized "Partners" improved and accelerating the detection, so that the identification is no longer necessary for at least 2 hours, but can occur in urgent fall within 10 minutes. Ultimately, the fingerprints with small portable scanners should be removed and shipped to the FBI center for storing and compensating.

Image: FBI

In addition to the fingerprints, a database is built in which photographs can be entered and searched, for example, to identify people based on tatowings or scars. Building on this one wants to integrate a program for face recognition. But that too is just one step, because scheduled is a multimodal biometric identification system that is steadily expanded and that connects the different biometric data. For example, the integration of iris, voice, handwriting or handprint detection, allegedly only in the service of the evaluation of criminals and terrorists as well as for the crime addiction or to the declaration of crime, as it is called at the FBI. And of course to protect the population.

Allegedly, in the database, the fingerprints of searched persons, by people who are registered in the sexual academan database, should "Well-known or suspicious terrorists" to be entered for comparison. Clear is not executed if all the crimes involves that you want to keep the system openly openly, shows that the biometric data is also "Suspicious terrorists" be recorded. Recently, a Memo of the FBI was known after the FBI agents under certain circumstances even if no immediate risk threatens to indicate the suspicious of the prevention not only on their Miranda rights, which is always necessary. After these there is a right to silence, consult a lawyer, and that on an explanation that everything you say in court can be used against one.

The desired system was still allowed to have some difficult stages of development before being expandable, scalable and flexible and also to be interoperable with the existing systems also outside the USA. One should not expect it to remain with a billion, while the exit was allowed to be open. Also interesting is that the FBI is the establishment of a "Biometric Technology Center" Plant in Clarksburg, which it wants to operate together with the Pentagon (the Biometric Database of the Pentagon for Riotic).

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