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Kazaa-Grunder threatens to expand with bankruptcy, Kazaa operator

The process of RIAA against the exchange borse Kazaa soon came to an end, the Dutch company primrient speak of insufficiency. Nevertheless, the Kazaa network lives gloriously – and even expands: its new Australian owners yesterday put the first foundations for the Altnet network for sales copying content.

In a letter to the state US court, the Dutch company Kazaa BV asked last Friday to determine the opposite side MOGE but ask for her capitulation conditions. Kazaa BV no longer has the money to defend itself in court. With a bankruptcy of the company, the process (cf.Morpheus in the crosshair) of the Record Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Alliance of America against the FastTrack exchange bolt network against a surprising end. Kazaa always considered operator and main drive power of the network. The defendant exchange borse Morpheus now sets with Gnutella to another exchange mesh, and GroKster as a third defender is difficult to make a pure letterbox company difficult to liable.

A surprise, the end also comes because the Kazaa program today has more friends ever. Sold in January (VGLKAZAA is sold) the Dutch Kazaa programmer your client to a company called Sharman Networks, which has its business seat on the Vanuatu Islands. SHARMAN has been providing headlines for headlines since the surprising sale (cf. The rough Kazaa conspiracy). Most recently, the message for vortex caused a second network to start a second network on the computers of Kazaa users together with the Californian company Brilliant Digital Entertainment.

Kazaa users now also Altnet users

Since yesterday it is now officially so far: with the new version 1.7 of the Kazaa program will be delivered a first part of the Altnet network. But this is obviously relatively harmless features: Kazaa users are now presented for specific search words licensed, DRM-protected content. These are centrally hosted, the sites are colored by other files. So far, Altnet has been able to win the computer games manufacturer Infogrames and the record company 2K Sounds distributed by the EMI. Criticism had Kazaa and Altnet for the envision to be drawn, in the future also practiced computational time and hard disk space of their users. However, these functions are launched according to Altnet website in the fall of this year.

If you look at the Altnet owners, you discover next to Brilliant Digital a few old acquaintances – the Kazaa-Grunder. But that does not have to suffer from the Kazaa BV bankruptcy, they are still a new company: Blastoise, also known as Joltid, apparently delivers Altnet technology. Whether and how the company is associated with those founded by the Kazaa programmers CONSUMER EMPOWERMENT BV or FASTTRACK, is unknown. A RIAA representative spoke in the face of this corporate female, as obviously someone attempts to make the court proceedings.

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