Faq after leading end for “blue badge”

The announcement came surprisingly: out of the blue plaque, which distinguishes "clean" diesel, gets nothing for now. Grundung: The excited debate lens from the actual problem.

What is in the core?

The air in German coarse dates is bad – so bad that the EU makes prere to finally comply with limits. It’s about fine dust on the one hand, on the other hand, nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The gas can, among other things, drove to breathing problems and plants shady. Diesel engines are a main source of nitric oxides. The Federal Environmental Agency in 2015 measured at 57 measuring stations in Germany exceeding the NO2 annual limit value. Currently, limits are transferred to the Ministry of the Environment in around 80 bads.

What has the Ministry of the Environment planned?

The idea was to introduce a blue plaque for cars with relatively low pollutant out. The plaque had probably received cars with gasoline engines, electric cars and diesel cars to Euro 6 standard. Environmental zones in which only cars with blue plaque ride can be done, good cause of the municipalities – the federal government had only given you the possibility to do so. Several bads had opposite the German press agency Interested. There are already 53 environmental zones in Germany, in which only cars with gruner plaque can ride, to which different vehicle groups are obedient.

Who has something and why?

Arger made it from many sides. Among other things protested car industry, ADAC, the construction industry, the craft, various economic associations and not least Federal Minister of Transport Alexander Dobrindt (CSU). The speech was among other things from a diesel driving ban in inner states, which was based on suppliers and construction companies at work. The business drivers of the Environmental Help Jurgen Resch, however, on the other hand: Rusten should be possible.

Why does the Ministry of the Environment give the plan first?

The debate about bad city air has focused too much on the blue plaque, says a spokesman, "as if they were the only means". Therefore, you have wanted to give a sign that you are ready to be compromise – this will be discussed again factually over the improvement of the air qualitat. The spokesman also stressed that the project was not completely off the table.

The air in the city stays so unhealthy?

Environmental protection fired it. The demand of cycling or modernization of buses had to be additional, not instead, says about Jens Hilgenberg from the federal government. However, Germany threatens penalty if EU limits are further reduced. The traffic and environment ministers of the Lander should now find a compromise. At 6. and 7. October is the next Minister of Transport in Stuttgart, as the air quality will be sure to be topic.

What proposals are available?

Dobrindt says you do not like to banish vehicles from the city, which rarely ride, but better buses, taxes, behave vehicles and so on alternative drives change. The ADAC hold "traffic flux", keyword "grune wave" to traffic lights ", and modern exhaust technology for ventable paths.

Has what to do with the exhaust gas fraud at Volkswagen?

Meanwhile, it is clear that many diesel cars out more pollutants than stated on the paper. If the exhaust standards did not work, then the municipalities could not further reduce the nitrogen oxide values if they deflected the traffic, says a spokesman for the Ministry of the Environment. According to the Bund Expert Hilgenberg, there is no problem with the limit values at all if the norms Euro 5 and Euro 6 in city traffic were actually complied with.

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