Falange prepares dirty war against bazke

Update: Apparently, Deathpads should be created in Spain

The baskas stand in front of a new stage of the dirty war. Fire proposals on local left and crushed car tires are anyway, but now the Falange also seems to prepare for deadly attacks. The lay documents and pictures close to the left monthly magazine "Kale Gorria" on Wednesday at a press conference.

Falange prepares dirty war against Bazke

Photo from a false video shown by Kale Gorria

The information provided by Kale Gorria are Prazis. Three commands of the right-radical Spanish organization, which still comes from the Franco dictatorship, act "With support of the safety force of the state". 35 besides hours on your lists. Pictures are documented in case of training camps of the FALANCE. The Paramily Guardia Civil Bolt "Logistic support". The connection with the right-wing radicals a member of the secret service of the Guardia Civil, the case name "Manu" Has. Manu was stationed in Madrid, but often come to the barracks of La Salve in Bilbao, where he has its own telephone connection, how to document.

The tasks of the commands is covered by handwritten sketches in which the infiltration in the left independence movement, followed against building and now also the elimination of the opponent. In the organization are also members of the Volkspartei (PP) ruling in Spain, Z.B. Gonzalo de la Pena Gumizio, who runs on the list of lists three at the 1999 elections in Gorliz. An image invokes its participation in the shifting and another participation in assemblies of the FALANGE. That the PP or its members are involved in the false, does not surprise, today’s Spanish Minister Prosident Jose Maria Aznar was one of its members under the Franco dictatorship.

Falange prepares dirty war against Bazke

Gonzalo de la Pena Gumizio from the PP

For Kale Gorria, Ahoztar Zelaieta explained, it was decided to publish the findings and to the court in court, because "Violent actions are moving directly". The documents and statements have Kale Gorria partly from a member of Falange in Madrid. They were true and compared with internal documents of the Guardia Civil and other sources.

Apparently, the conservative government is now accessing the means, with which its socialist process has already failed in the 1980s. After six years of the government, the conservative is clearly clear that it will not be succeeded in smashing the Basque independence movement.

The fact that the members of the Socialist Death Children Gal were now almost all pardified by the Government Aznar says a lot (some mords are the same). Currently, the pardon of the GAL guide and ex-boss of the Guardia Civil in the largest Basque barracks of IntxAurrondo (San Sebastian) is prepared. The indictment against Enrique Rodriguez Galindo because of drug trafficking, authorization and smuggling was set on Tuesday. Galindo sits for "Illegal arrest" and the "murder" on two young people a 71-year punishment. His appeal is now also supported by the prosecutor who is directly responsible for the government.

Try to clarify

Because of some reactions to the text, the question asks if I completely print out completely or whether he is put into a drawer by some, because he does not correspond to the left mainstream in Germany. While early the national liberation struggles were urgedly undifferentiated, today seems to be all that somehow to do with it, disgusting. But both attitudes contribute to the understanding of the situation almost nothing.

To put me down as if I was just justifying the violence of the ETA, as Kai Gronemann does, lies wrong. To say it clearly: I think the violence of the ETA for just as wrong, like the murders of death charges. But I will not predict that as a postulate in each article. It’s not about my opinion, which is always always translucent, but to describe the attempt what happens there. That in the face of the reports that otherwise come in the media, the focus is different with me, is clear. This also results from it that I pursue the whole thing on the ground and not from Madrid, like most of my colleagues. There are certainly many things too short, but the world consists not only of the Basque conflict and the sides of a newspaper are limited.

But it is also important not to forget that the violence of the ETA has a source and its active counterpart. I think that’s important. The conflict many other social contradictions are kept under the lid is just as correct. But it is also clear that both sides about the nationalist map polarize what will like to forget. Where I believe who considers the most among the most part of the Spanish media was allowed to confirm that this is even stronger from the rulers in Spain than in the Basque Country.

Of course, both sides are each other and swindling. Then the most disgusting things happen. So when trying the ETA to kill a young socialist, which has a leg tolerate. I can not understand that and do not even understand more abstract. Then there are the connection through which two workers were murdered, or the chef, which was evidently held for a high militar, or that the ETA has now even threatened even left-nationalist organizations. Everything shows that she probably lost the orientation. This opinion was also allowed to show in the texts of me, which are also published in the young world or in New Germany. On the 23.02.2001 I wrote to the death of the two workers: "Once again, the ETA has crossed a border. Even the hard-mentioned trail can barely legitimize that this time at least one of her trust met".

So far only an example who wants to read more can do that. But it also happens all the other disgusting stories of the government, safety or death charges: murder, torture and often arbitrary arrests are on the agenda. This is no longer just the real or intentional ETA members, but these generalized violence and impunity fall with the racist impact more and more the immigrants to the victim. Just yesterday, Human Rights Watch has accused. The, like the UN or Amnesty International, were unlikely to be included in the ETA supports. Parties, media and organizations are now banned in the Basque Country, unfortunately people imprisoned. This is often no value value or just with the impact, "all terrorists". This often turns out in front of the dishes as a lush. Nevertheless, people, as Unai Romano beaten to porridge, have often not even believe the judges conformed to the broken ingredients and leave people free.

May one denounce the injuries of human rights of a country that even as a legal state does not interpriminate? You can no longer show the construction of death charges? If you can not name the damage elementary rights anymore? It is no longer to say that today’s Minister Prosident Aznar was a glossy falageist and has spoken out in several articles against the transition of Spain to democracy and today the Democrats mimert? It should not say that the People’s Party (PP) was founded by his political drawing father, the Franco Minister Fraga, who is still today for the PP of the Prassident of Galicia Province? If you do this, the nationalist or the ETA support?

I think you yourself lost the orientation if you get into such a logic. That Roma children who are excluded in the Basque town as well as in Klein – Knuttelsdorf or in Hamburg, interested in the German media, in view of what else happens to madness, unfortunately almost nobody. It speaks of abundant ignorance and template thinking, if you believe that you do not care, just because there was no text in the newspaper. The better, if Gaston cherry has named this in the Jungle World Nevertheless. However, this is not yet the special aggressiveness of nationalism. The example only shows that there is a turnaround everywhere.

If one releases the humanistic side, then it is also clear that the violence of both sides only demands the conflict. He will not solve it, know both sides. The violence is only expression of this steady situation. However, the fact is that the ETA has tried with the democratic alternative and then with the ceasefire to come into negotiations. About one year, the government was not ready to negotiate. She has rejected the peace plan, which all the Basque parties, unions and even the ETA trained, after which the conflict had been available by popular vote. She has shadowed the intermediary and even arrested after a contact with the ETA parts from their negotiation delegation. Clicker can hardly show his attitude. That it is not about the question of violence, but for power was very clear at that time. Today, the PP is the only party to deny Batasuna, on the other hand, participate in the Peace Conference of Elkarri. Several Peace Nobel Peace Travelers Try to bring the conflict to the conflict between the parties for a peaceful solution for the civil society organization. I do not justify violence, but describe a dilemma.

Ralf stretch 05.06.2002

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