Facebooks data collection turns round around the ecj

Facebooks data collection turns round around the ECJ

Whether Facebooks data collection is legal, remains unclear for the time being. The Bundeskartellamt has imposed Facebook significant restrictions. By contrast, Facebook went to court. And this once again liked the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) to clarify striking EU law. And that takes: 2019 such preliminary rulings needed an average of 15.5 months.

On Wednesday the 1 has. Kartellenenat of the Higher Regional Court Dusseldorf decided to submit several legal ies to the ECJ. The ECJ is intended to decide what is at all "sensitive data" are, and whether the German antitrust office can determine clarifications against the Data Protection Basic Regulation and should proceed on it. If the ECJ one day has answered these questions, the case will take back to Dusseldorf again.

The local cartel senat hold the requirements of the antitrust office for partly unlawful. The antitrust office has succeeded in EU law too little, said the chairman Judge Jurgen Prousages according to DPA. In addition, Facebook may have justified interest in a significant part of the data. Up to a decision has Facebook free train.

Court ping-pong

The Bundeskartellamt Moode Facebooks Data Processing. User data of foreign websites as well as Instagrams and WhatsApps were not allowed to be linked to Facebook accounts, exists outside the user’s vote. At the same time durfe facebook no one from his services, only because the one did not agree.

Facebook defends itself against the restriction of his data collection. The data group says he has no dominant position and refers to YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter. Therefore, Facebook says, not a dominant position may have abused, which is why the Bundeskartellamt do not make any conditions.

The legal dispute already runs the third year. Also the Federal Court of Justice has already become umvested: According to this, there are no doubts about the dominant position Facebooks, nor, "that Facebook uses this dominant position with the Tackal Office-prohibited Terms of Use."

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