Experts: extreme heat over north america follow climate change

Experts: Extreme heat over North America Follow climate change

The record heat wave, which deals around the 26. June in the northwest of the US and the west of Canada had formed goods without the influence of the climate change caused by man climate change practically impossible. That’s what climate researchers say after a quick analysis for the worldwide machine organization (WMO). The climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions make the heat wave at least 150 times more likely.

At the end of June, Hitzenkorde were broken in many places in North America, so on the 28. June in the US state of Washington, where the previous record of 37 ° C was surpassed by 6 ° C. In British Columbia were in the municipality Lytton on 30. June 49.6 ° C measured; A new record for Canada, which recorded with 45 ° C, as the WMO announced. Hundreds of people died in the two countries.

The extreme temperatures were far outside the range of previous average temperatures. That makes it difficult to determine exactly how rarely the event in the current climate is and without the climate change caused by man, the WMO blinds. However, the 27 researchers involved in the study have concluded that it has been almost impossible without human influence.

Expressed threshold?

The heat dome was probably bothered by a durre and an unusual atmosphere circulation, which is called hot dome, my researchers. Without climate change, the record temperatures were possible 2 ° C lower.

Until the total greenhouse gas emissions are stopped in the world, temperatures have continued to rise and events like these often occur. Even if the global temperature rise is limited to 2 ° C until 2050, a heat wave like this was about all five to ten years. Another possibility is according to the experts and experts that the worldwide climate have crossed a threshold from the extreme temperatures can increase faster. This was meant that record heat waves like the youngest have already previously advocated as climate models previously predicted.

NASA draws on

NASA has documented the heat wave with instruments for the Meng of Infrared and Microwave radiation on board the research satellite AQUA, which has been part of the Earth Observing System (EOS) since 2002. These recognized the development of 21. to 29. June. Temperature records also existed in high up to 5500 m. This shows according to NASA that the hot dome extended to the troposphere. Meanwhile, temperatures below the long-term average were measured in some US states.

With the help of the Microwave Sounding Unit (AMSU) combined with the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS), NASA has shown the weather events in June three-dimensionally, which is called, it was not only captured the surface temperature. In addition, the system registers humidity, cloud quantities and high and greenhouse gas concentrations.

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