Experience: life without backpack – with the powershot s90

Experience: Life without backpack - with the PowerShot S90

If you have wondered about the straw title, here is the explanation: without being on the road without a camera, is a UNING. Even for shopping, I hike a backpack with mirror reflex with me – I could miss an irretrievable opportunity for the century snapshot. However, you have to say that I have become a victim of my mental incontinence to the species of the Gym Bag Foreseas and the Backpack with Camera of the Operating. How good, that all friends know him and leave him behind, if he was again in any wardrobe.

In the last days you looked at the general amazement always oler without. Guilt is not the declining reliability of the ancient Nikon D70, which always refunds groundless memory cards and mooded valuable image material. Canon is guilt.

Since the spectacular death of my grayed Olympus C-4040, which after rolling through a slopes of slopes succeeded in their injuries, I was looking for a bright, low-noise compact camera, not always musoded backpack to take along. Today, the trouser pockets are smaller than earlier, a caliber from the beat of the PowerShot G11, which is still still in legs of the Hiphop-affines suburban Youth place, Kame for me not in question. Through coarsent laying out the test device backing dates, I now came to a PowerShot S90 for two weeks .

Experience: Life without backpack - with the PowerShot S90

Too bad that I have to back up you now – the thing made me joy from the beginning. Even the well-anti-reflective display is a splendor: on 3 inch diagonal distributed 461.000 Subpixels stand for about half VGA resolution, finer does not have to be end-quier for an accomodation strategies. The double pixel number opposite the compact camera-conval QVGA display is a milestone. On the glossy surface of the monitor you can see any fingerprint. Closed and forchards give the camera menus reminiscent of the mirror reflections of the house. Again, it becomes clear that Canon’s S90 is aimed at the serious user.

Handy quality

The camera offers a very good start qualitat, because neither lens tubus nor battery compartment cover. The ribbed ring around the lens unfortunately rested a bit roughly and let, switched to the zoom function, only Funf solid focal length positions. The starting in interior and party-friendly 28 mm with the unusually high beam of F / 2.0 – that comes the old C-4040 already quite close, although that started only with 35 mm focal length. However, with increasing focal length adjustment, the light ranges rapidly decreases rapidly, with 105 mm, the S90 only returns F / 4.9. Since my Olympus was still very considerable f / 2.6, but that was a big chunk in comparison to the PowerShot. By the way: already amazing, what nine years ago still as "Compact camera" gaunt.

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