Everything under control

A gigantic environmental and airup monitoring system for the Brazilian rainforest has started his work

A unique monitoring system has been opened by the Brazilian governmentSprasident Fernando Cardoso in Manaus. The 1.4 billion dollar Turse Sistema de Vigilância da Amazônia (Sivam) is monitored by airplanes, satellites, radar systems and control centers the Brazilian jungle on a flat of 5 million square kilometers, which corresponds to the rough Western Europe. This is intended to serve the protection of the rainforest and serve better evasion of the illegal pick-up scenes, the unauthorized exploitation of soil crashes or drug trafficking, but also the grave monitoring and air security – and maybe other things.

Everything under control

Alone last year were over 15.000 square kilometer rainforest in Brazil cut off or burned off. The destruction has accelerated in recent years. If it goes on, the rainforest will be largely disappeared in a few decades. In order to better stop this process, Sivam was started ten years ago, which, with numerous mobile and stationary fault posts on the ground and in the air, was recorded the entire area as well as to report changes and movements.

Already at the beginning, however, it came to a credence, when it became known in 1994 that a high employee of the Raytheon Group has brazilian government is brazing to take the order to land. However, a committee concluded that there were no real evidence to burden the root group or government.

At the afterliving tender, US intelligence agencies seem to help a little help to bring the order to American Hande. In doing so, Echelon, the Lauschschallen system of the NSA, have also played a role that was allegedly only used to proceed against corruption (why we spy on our Allies). Telephone talk between employees of Thomson CSF and the Brazilian government. Like the Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo reported, they can take insight into documents that show that the Minister for air traffic, Marcos de Oliveira, secretly met with US diplomats to secure the contractor Raytheon’s American rural company in 1997, which realizes the project Has. For example, the intelligence services should have made information about the offer of the competitor Thales (previously Thomson-CSF) from France to the race company, so that Raytheon could make it an advantage of it. Another competitor was Dasa / Alenia. The large donor with Uber a billion dollar loans is the U.S. Export Import Bank.

Everything under control

From the documents, the US wants to use the monitoring system in the fight against drug-building and trade. In addition, in addition to Peru and Bolivia, Colombia is also a neighboring country supported by the US with a lot of money under the Plan Colombia in the fight against terrorist groups and drug handlers. With Sivam, the boundaries love themselves in the impassable and unsuitable areas. In the Amazon area there are only a few threads and many rumes are not passable. Because of this geopolitical interests associated with the monitoring system, Raytheon should also make data from the system of American agencies accessible, which is quite disputed by the Brazilian government.

Sivam consists of three larger regional control centers in Belem, Manaus and Porto Velho, in which the information from the network of more than 20 stationar and other mobile radar stations and radar systems in aircraft, control tower, receiving stations for six monitoring satellites, monitoring aircraft, U.a. equipped with infrared cameras, weather stations, balloons with sensors or hundreds of sensors for environmental performances. They are linked to each other and connected to the headquarters in the capital Brasilia. Uberdies are used by the Luftwaffe a whole amount of combat aircraft to enable illegal aircraft. However, the Brazilian government here must still be a legal cheek, which is why Prasident Cardoso wants to import in the next few weeks by decree a law that allows the Air Force unauthorized in Brazilian airspace to identify aircraft after two prompts to identify themselves.

Primar serves the system according to the government of airuper monitoring and the monitoring of the environment, which is to be protected from unauthorized procedures. Also detected are meteorological and hydrological data. It serves to control vegetation and agriculture, offer navigation aids and open a dense network of communication options throughout the area where satellite compounds are connected to a variety of aggregates. In addition, it will be used for the grave monitoring, the evidence of criminals (drug trafficking, smuggling, illegal exploited flooring etc.), the protection of Native Americans and the country’s revealed.

However, environmental protection doubts whether Sivam really will benefit the rainforest. With the system you can all overwake and register, but at the same time the funds are procured for environmental protection. The problem also exists less to recognize environmental descent, but you have a decisive against them.

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