Everything examined, nothing clear, nobody responsible – mission tolerated

The FBI examination report on the search spanes of the 11.9.

For one year, the 371-page investigation report of the General Inspector of the FBI over the investigations of the Connection of the 11.9. In 2001, it was now, he was still published with extensive blacksmiths – and is an update of the acquaintances "Locking, bad luck and breakdown"-Opera: Everything examined, nothing clear, no one responsible – mission to fulfill.

The dance of Bad Cop / Worse Cop is known from many thrillers, in terms of 9/11 FBI and CIA have taken these roles and push each other’s responsibility for that the terrorists are not already taken in advance of the subsequent. Of course, only so probably dosed that much remains unclear and nobody really can be dragged. Although the media designate the report now published "ruthlessly" and "sobering", report "serious lack of" , "wrongdoing" On the part of the FBI and of "missed occasions" – But as soon as it is concretely, the rapporteurs ran into diffuse. Between the lines, however, a lot of reading out what is still versed by. So writes the New York Times:

The case of San Diego Hijacker Khalid Al-Midhar and Nawaq al-Hazmi was since 11. September a source of voltage between FBI and CIA, and the General Inspector quotes misconduct and defective communication on both sides.

Except for a small word, this seems to meet the truth, but if it takes place "since" correct "before the 11. September" Homing, the NYT had concretely open the wormhochers and snake pits, which suggested elsewhere, but can not be exploited further:

The report enters that a FBI agent assigned to the CIA-agent wanted to forward information about the two men at the beginning of the year 2000 – but was blocked by a CIA supervisor and failed to track the case.

This is really interesting, but here, not only the FBI report – which does not name the participating officials in the incidental names -, and the journalists do not see any reason to further refuse and ask the simple question, why a) officials of the Federal Police actually have a secret service provider and b) Why this can block your investigation. That these questions are obvious and require answers, one obviously knew the Washington Post and finished the article with the summary rate of the report:

The FBI What Not Close to Locating Mihdhar Or Hazmi When They Participated in The Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001.

So, you were not dense. And because a CIA supervisor had blocked the investigation one year before, the FBI was simply done nothing – where "Not Close" is very elegantly formulated, if you are about the activities of the "Terrorist logistics" (Mirror) Al-Midhar looks at:

Since 1998, the house of his brother-in-law was observed in Yemen, in which he went in and out; In 1999, Midhar was observed at a meeting with Omar Al-Bayoumi, a Saudi with terrorist connections at San Diego Airport; In 2000, he participated in an al-Qaeda planning meeting in Kuala Lumpur, which was recorded by Malaysian intelligence on video and transferred to US resist; he and his "Studies"-Colleagues in San Diego received monthly checks from the wife of the Saudi US Ambassador Prince Bandar; In September 2000, Al-Midhar and Al-Hazmi take a new apartment in San Diego – in the house of FBI informative Abdussattar Shaikh. After that he travels in the Yemen, where in October 2000 the attack on the US battleship "Cole" takes place for both guests of the "Safehouse" from Al-Midhars Brohng as well as participants of the Malaysia meeting. At the same time, the Supreme Terrorist Jager of the FBI, John O’Neill, is held to determine in Yemen and obtain Bush’s Ambassador Barbara Bondine entry ban. Instead, Khalid Al-Midhar is granted a fresh entrance visa for the USA in May 2001.

As said: "Not Close" is really elegantly formulated in the face of this list and we were curious about how the 9/11 examination commission with this near FBI and CIA are one of the main supposites. But so casually behaved at Khalid Al-Midhar in terms of travel freedom and visa distribution, so strictly denied her host in San Diego, Mr. Dr. Abdussattar Shaikh – The 9/11 Commission received no authorization from the Ministry of Justice to consult these important witnesses.

Because here too no press representative "Why?" Asked and hooked, the journalist Daniel Hopserker stuck and brought amazing to light: Not only the doctoralist of Abdussattar Shaikh is wrong, he is not a former professor of San Diego State University, as reported allentholars, but a dubious mailbox university, but a dubious mailbox university, which does not smell like an academic institution, but after a CIA Tarnfirma. And he had links with another false Doctor and FBI informant in San Diego, the exile Iraner and weapon handler Sam Kouthesfahani, which was charged in 1998, as a boss of a locker ring hundreds of Islamic students with bribery and false visa in colleges in San Diego introduced and to have looked after. A job description that seems to be applicable to the wrong professor Abdussattar Shaikh – and the protection of this network was allowed to have been the reason why the 9/11 commission could not hear him as a witness.

Also for the FBI special agent Coleen Rowley from Minneapolis, whose investigation in the case Zacharias Moussaoui ("9/11 was not my consporation") From the bosses of "RADICAL Fundamentalist Unit" the FBI in Washington, Spike Bowman and Dave Frasca – were blocked, the 9/11 Commission was not interested in. Rowley had "Wrong political reason" Responsible for the blockade of your investigation. To answer the question of what these "political" were, due to the suspicious flight shoulder and long-term CIA acquaintances such as Khalid Al-Midhar could move so free and unhindered, the background in San Diego could give an answer: it was about the protection of a network in which "Islamist" Agents were trained and looked after. Under supervision of the CIA, controlled by associated FBI agent fuels and traded by Muslim "Brother" Like Abdussattar Shaikh and Sam Kouthesfahani.

It is close to the report of the FBI General Inspector as a continuation of the "9/11 Commission Reports" to see the theologian David Ray Griffin called 571-side lug – an update of the camouflage, swap and cover up, with the FBI and CIA since the 11.9. Acious. Fascinating is how the official legend itself pushes into the leg with this further spinning of incompetence theory. On the one hand, the FBI knew nothing of suspicious flight shoulder and the few, which was determined in advance, could then be determined by "faulty communication" can not be followed – four hours after the striking but the FBI was already at an employee of "Huffman Aviation" In Venice / Florida, where Atta Co-coated had on the mat.

When Kristen’s broadweisers who lost their husband in the World Trade Center responded to a FBI representative after this contradiction, the FBI man answered: "We just had luck." As with the Koran, the Testament and all the others "Elephant track", which found the Wackere FBI at this chuck so fast. Who is persecuted by so much bankruptcy, bad luck and breakdown, must sometime sometime even gluck ..

As that looked, Daniel Hopsicker describes Welcome to Terrorland in his book:

A former manager of the company paid me, still visibly pressed, from a car full of FBI agents, the in the afternoon of the 11. September before his private house drove and stopped. Like so many other eyewitnesses I talked to, he also reported by inhalations and threats of FBI agents. They did not take him in the shortfall in order to help his memory on the funge or elicit him to escape him, on the contrary: they wanted to make sure he held his mouth. "My phones were tapped and they are still today", told me the former Huffman Manager. "I held these guys (Atta Co) for double agents. How is it that I make myself every suspicion?" Double agents? He spoke the word that I had hardly dared to think. (…) "I was pretty much clear to me that the company, for which I worked, stood under state protection", said the Fruhere Huffman Manager. "They (the terrorists) were left in this country. How did it happen that the FBI was here as fast. Ask yourself: How could you be here so fast?"

Gluck you have to have

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