Everyone can become a prasident of the usa

US TV series wants to create a prassidal candidate in a reality TV for the next elections

In Germany, the parties have the election to the Bundestag in their grip. Who wants to become Federal Chancellor – and he is still such a media profi -, must first re-eat in the party, even if the decision is being properly protected by how a candidate arrives at the population and especially in the media. In the US, not only the office of the prasident differs significantly from that of a Chancellor, but also the way there. Not only parties make a candidacy, who also has money enough, can try. And because the media in the US still play a much strong role than so far in Germany, there were not only professional politicians to the prasident, but already had an actor a chance. And now, a planned reality television show promises to create a candidate in 2004 for the next Prasidental elections in 2004, as has so far created other winners in such series media-medithemocratic.

Of course, the idea is not so absent. The promise that everyone can get everything if he really wants it is based on the American dream. Even if there are probably fewer people than in the lottery really, from the dishwasher to the millionar (today it had to be more likely: to become a billionar) or become a world-famous star, so it is still in principle possible. The media itself drove again and again, as in principle every person can be prominent at least short-term. The attention company and its mechanisms for the production of prominence certainly have this "Democratization" gave another thrust. The many shows, for which people can apply, have media-compliant with this mechanism, even if the variety of media and the variety of shipments reduce the value of the prominence offered and so the distance between the "real" Celebrities and the directly from the media for a broadcast again gross.

"We are a nation in which everyone can become a prasident."

On the dream that everyone can get everything, and the power of the mass medium now sets the cable end of Murdoch’s media empire and offers from the beginning of the year 2004 to July a reality TV series to create a prassidential candidate. at "American Candidate" The viewers can choose their candidate during the six months in which the series runs. The program was designed by R. J. Cutler, who nominated for the Oskar nominated in 1993 "The War was Room" has turned the Prasident campaign by Bill Clinton. Finally, so butler, come with his idea reality TV at home: "Prassidal Policy is the rough platform for Reality TV." And Butler is probably right if you anticipate the US Prassident Bush Jun. took place, the woman house also in advance on the now upcoming deputy elections to one "Was room" has made. However, war, terror and anxiety were allowed to be good for the strengthening of the power of the prasident, but they are probably the spectacles in which reality and media are "attractive" Merge reality TV.

Whether it will be exciting, in this case can be doubted when the applicants swing talk and stylize themselves other than politicians, Peter Liguori, Prasident of FX, undoubtedly also puts on the American dream and that it is probably attractive It had to be to compete the post of the most powerful man on Earth in the new Rome: "We are a nation in which everyone can become a prasident, and that is a concept that average people offers a forum to express their views and let people react to it." There is probably also putting a lot of shellers.

Selection according to media suitability

But if it was hardly able to work hardly in the real world, to engage the promise that everyone can become prasident in principle, then this is not different in the media world. Finally, the broadcast must arrive, which is why not everyone is asked, but for course a casting takes place to eliminate the boring and unsightly from the outset. That’s just mediendemocracy. On the other hand, not any media experts or PR professionals have to worry about the media-friendly politician, but will be published in appearance and behavior directly after their media suitability. So you can then survive even television duels well.

Apply can only US burger, the on 20. January, as the law prescribes, will be 35 years old (here the law reality is probably not right with the media requirements). Applicants must make questionnaires, submit a video and demonstrate their policy arance that they write a petition signed by at least 50 people. Overall, then from a jury will be 100 applicants, two of each state, choosing to be prefabricated viewers in the first shipment and then gradually be accrued in live competitions that take place at symbol-related places such as Mount Rushmore or Gettysburg, To finally get a Prasidental candidate.

And if the reality TV candidate not only starts, but also real prasident …

Whether the then will actually take and can, is another question. The station is not really consistently here, which then also set up the candidate as a representative of media memocratic a Buro and had to give a start-up financing. After all, Gore and Bush have put the 180 million dollars in their election campaign. Maybe the one or the one of the television audience choosing such attention that you / he also give enough donation to get against Bush II, if he is still there and has a chance, and the other opponents really to compete. The transmitter promises that he, should the representative of media memocracy are actually concluded, will accompany his further way to the election night. That may already be a very good help for the woman or the man from (TV) people.

In any case, Cutler hopes that the series itself will find a viral marketing of coarse interest:

"We expect to receive thousands of applications. Each is sponsored by 50 members of the church of the candidate. We believe that this show looks like a policy from below (Grass Roots). It will talk around, the interest in it is growing and in the sequence not only the spectators excite, but a broad section of the voters."

Should probably occur unlikely case that the "American Candidate" not only to the election, but also wins, then FX had actually lifted the policy to a new level. And god of God, what this prasident (media) folkes mercy then starts with all the power, the occupational politician George W. Bush just wants to expand? One may then be tense for the occupation of the ministerial and advisor posts, certainly a television station was allowed – that of Murdoch? – Start the appearance professionally. Often someone with the right people, so it would not be unlikely that the reality TV prasident could survive politically for some time. Ronald Reagan demonstrated this.

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