Events for 50 years e-type

Events for 50 years e-type

Schwalbach, 23. June 2011 – 1961 Jaguar presented at the Geneva Motor Show in "Parc des Eaux Vives" For the first time the E-Type. Quickly the sports car developed into an amazingly successful model – supposedly "stand" 500 orders. Meanwhile, the e-type is 50 years old and has reached a cult status, as had only a few cars. In addition to exceptional dangerous things like the Citroen DS he pays probably one of the most beautiful and most desirable dangers of the automotive history.

Status symbol for many celebrities

First, according to Jaguar, only 1000 copies of the then 25 were.000 Mark expensive e-type. Due to the pleasing demand, however, in 14 years of construction was a total of 72.500 coupes and roadster. In Beverly Hills, it could hardly allow a Hollywood star to have an E-Type in his garage. Also Fubball Star George Best, the TrendModel Twiggy or the furest pair of Monaco and many other celebrities were owned by this sports car.

Striking design of Malcolm Sayer

Characteristic of the E-Type is mainly his outdoors long bonnet, which is folded forward. Also the untypical upwardly curved exhaust pipes as well as the side-stripped hatchet of fastback belonged to the striking external sports car. Responsible for the design was Malcolm Sayer, who came originally from the aviation and his aerodynamic knowledge already brought in the victorious Lemans race car C and D-type.

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