Escape rods and immigrants – the drama begins again?

Flights and immigrants - begins the drama again?

Demonstrators against racism on Monday evening in the autonomous quarter Exarchia. Image: w. Aswestopoulos

The escape numbers rise again, the accommodation capacity are soon disabled, criticized are partly unhygienic conditions

The escape sheep in Greece rises again. Parts of the Greek press already realize that Lesbos has less inhabitants than escape. Finally, on Monday, a day after the Turkical Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu noticed in a private visit to Crete, that the visa freedom for Turben is a prerequisite for compliance with the escape of the escape of the escape of the escape, 462 escape and immigrants on the Greek islands.

In Athens, observers ame that the figures at the end of September, just before the EU will decide in October, will increase the visa freedom again.

On the islands are 12.120 escape, the capacitance of the bearings is 7.450. In northern Greece live in the camps 16.967 escapeons, the capacity is here at 28.201 people. In Central Greece it is 2.406 escapears at a capacity of 4760. In Attica 8.825 escape bits (capacity: 10.866), in SudGreece 245 (capacity: 300), in the accommodations of the UNHCR 7.786 (Capacitance: 10370).

The total capacity of the organized bearings is enough for the accommodation of 61.947 escape. In non-organized camps like the arrivals hall in Piraus or sports stadiums are present 2.611 escape. Live outside of camps 8.200 escapears like the Greek government. The total number of escapeons amounted to 59.160. In August, 40 escape lots have been booked voluntarily, in the current year it was 3.647.

Schools for the stranded

The good news is that after school starts in the third September week also for 18.000 escape kids to open the Greek schools. For them, the lesson starts only on the 20th. September and not already 12. September. The Ministry of Education and Religion takes the time to organize a proper teacher for the undertaking.

From the EU, as the state-of-state Dimitris Avramopoulos Commissioner is based on a parliamentary request of the PASOK in the EU Parliament, up to 2020 a total of 845 million euros financing aids for the care of the escape in Greece.

Immigration Minister Mouzalas. Image: w. Aswestopoulos

Purpose optimism of the authority

In fact, the state requires more intensive efforts but also more means to become the situation Lord. Immigration Minister Mouzalas is optimistic and speaks of a steady improvement of accommodation for the escape. Despite the optimism, the coming winter is considered a gross challenge. Department of Department

Dimitris Vitsas, looking at the government’s coordination in the escape question, promised up to 33 new, weatherproof camps, as well as accommodation in hotels and apartments. The number of 60.000 escape straps and migrants, which are currently in Greece, feels vitisas as not as high as this is not to be forced.

Mouzalas had to admit that he, or his authority, 4.000 escape floors lost. Where these are now, it seems to be unknown.

Europol is looking for Islamists

Europol sends two hundred civil servants to Greece. You should look under the escape and immigrants to IS-fighting. According to Europol, there have been signs for just under one and a half years that in Greece’s passe of Islamists were circulated and registered. The search focuses on the islands that lie on the border with Turkey and on which daily escape and immigrants arrive.

In addition to the escape from Syria, asylum seekers also come to the Greek islands. One tried with a false Bulgarian passport and coming to Samos on a jet ski. He asked as well as seven more turks, a family with four people who passed the land border in Alexandroupolis, and three academics that translated on Rhodes to asylum. On Chios, a Turkish judge requested with a boat, political asylum.

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