Election program: grune are for prosecojans for law enforcement

Election program: Grune are for prosecojans for law enforcement

Prisoners are also intended to use state trojans in principle to hunt criminals. For this, the federal executive of the Grununen with his design published on Friday is strong for the program for the Bundestag election. He wants to make it the police though, "Technical devices based on a rule of law designed source TKU to infiltrate purposefully".

For source telecommunications monitoring ("Source TKU") If ongoing communication of messengers or VoIP phone calls are tapped directly on the final cerat before it is valid for or after it was deemed. Currently, investigators already have wide powers: the extensive crimetability catalog (STPO) anchored by the Bundestag with the majority of coalition in paragraph 100a fails with murder and manslaughter, but ranges over control dilicts, computer fraud and receivable up to everyday criminality.

Report Liability for security

The grunes want the police the instrument, used for security swaging and used in so far few falling state trojan, not quite aming, but at least restrict. For this purpose, according to the program design "a reporting obligation for security smoke". The party refers to the debate on a comprehensive vulnerability management.

The Federal Government also works with one "responsible" Solution, the opinion formation is not yet completed. For a state trade with security, they do not use themselves. According to the Federal Government, the Federal Office for Safety in Information Technology (BSI) is already working on the entire discovered vulnerabilities "to shut immediously and in trusting exchange with the technologies manufacturers".

Regulate Sta Zojan

State tripojan had to be clearly regulated as they otherwise "unbearable" be, the greats already emphasized in their design for their new basic program in the summer. The targeted source TKU will now see you as the milder resource against one "Packages, volatile data retention and general backdoors for security authorities" at. This rejects the party as well as "State trojan for intelligence services", How you likely want to import black-red.

From circles of the general faction of the grunes was to be heard that it is about that today’s open Scheunentor for the source TKU and online searches clearly seal. The intervention barriers should be significantly raised, the strict requirements of the Federal Scarf Court for online searches are finally implemented. This has already been part of the agreements for a black-yellow-green coalition in the Bund, to which it did not come due to the FDP escape. It should also be expected with thousands of amendment to the design.

legal action

The Grunen factions vice Constantine by Notz complains of the Federal Scarf Court supported by the company for Liberty Rights (GFF) and the German Lawyer Association (DAV) against the existing law for State Trojan for the police. This allowed investigators in IT systems "intervention", Criticize the complaints. For this purpose, it is necessary to apply software on the affected system. To infect a target calculator by exploiting security, would be dangered because the behavior of Dafur vulnerabilities "hoard" could.

With a "State-secured ID wallet corresponding to the highest data protection and IT security standards", Burger should also loud the design "Your identity card, your fuser license or your health insurance card, but also payment data and memberships can safely keep on the smartphone". Thus, the greats want to prevent users from being used for such services "Instructed on private providers" be. A duty to use upload filters reject the green. You want to introduce a digital Euro, which should yield cash.

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