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Shortly before peasant peace history on Monday, Morocco burns down a protest camp – it’s also about resources and the DESERTEC project

The fact that Morocco is in conflict in conflict around the Western Sahara occupied since 1975, the Konigreich made it clear on Monday. Shortly before the Western Sahara should be negotiated in Manhasset (near New York), Moroccan militar attacked a camp near the administrative capital of Al-Aaiún (Laâyoune) and burned many of the about 5.000 tents in which for weeks more than 20.000 people with one "Camp of the" banged. The Saharais-Marginalized Saharais, with the protest, demanded jobs, apartments and their general social rights. Morocco has systematically reduced a referendum in the 1991 truce in the area of resources to organize the UN. New desires awakens the Desertec project. Morocco wants to build two of FUFF planned solar power projects in the occupied area.

At the beginning of the attack on the camp. Screenshot from a video of

The pictures and the reports on the storm of the protest bearing "Gdeim Izik" Make clear that Morocco yesterday with brutal hard "Camp of the" Closed near Al-Aaiún. Moroccan militar towered the camp on Monday and burned down to the wellten part, in which since the beginning of October more than 20.000 Saharauis have interpreted. A Mexican, who was in the camp at the time of space, explained against Spanish media that Moroccan safety faith "Exercise violently against children, old and women." The displaced from the camp had then made the way to the 15 kilometers away city Al-Aaiún, explained Antonio Velazquez, in about 200.000 people live.

The news situation from the largely unlocked area, which was also directed by the emergency state, is diffuse. It is clear that after the brutal room of the camp, the conflicts have also extended to Laâyoune. There were hours of strain bays, where government buildings and vehicles were also set on fire. While Moroccan resists speak of six deaths, which are to be aforf of the safety of the safety, report the Saharais of 13 dead. Hundreds of people were hurt and dozens had been arrested.

Also on Tuesday, searches in apartments from Saharauis took place, which partly also "Looked and desorted" became, explained Silvia Garcia. The Spaniard is currently on the city. The human rights organization Codesa, which projects Aminetu Haidar, which is also known in Europe (waiting for death), ames that the number of dead and seriously injured people will increase when the situation is calmed down.

Everything says that the attack was prepared by a long hand. Therefore, Willy Meyer, Spanish European Parliamentarians of the United Left (IU), was denied entry on Sunday. He was not allowed to leave the plane and was even beaten by police officers until the Capitan intervened. With Meyer, journalists wanted to inform themselves about the situation in the camps, which were also rugged partly.

Similarly, it also went to the French parliamentarian Jean-Paul Lecoq, which was denied the entry at the Frub Monday. The Communist has prompted France to intervention. The situation is analyzed by urgency, explained Lecoq after its expulsion. Now is "No observer, no journalist in this unlocked territory", who could inform about the foregoing. If Morocco had recently refused journalists, parliamentarians or human rights users who want to inform themselves about the situation in the occupied West Sahara, the situation improved after the hunger strike and the Juvenity of Haidars. The fact that Rabat returned to this policy, dear the launches rise that Morocco will ran the camps.


The destructed camp. Screenshot from a video of

With barbed wire on Wallen, Morocco tried to isolate the camp from the Augenwelt

With the Groben Camp, which was built about 15 kilometers south of the administrative capital in the Sahara, the Saharauis protested for weeks against their living conditions in the occupied area. Since the occupation of the Western Sahara after the triggered deduction of the Spanish colonial power by Morocco, the policy of the Konigreich has ensured that the Saharauis is now a minority in the occupied territories and marginalized.

Unlike the otherwise utter protests stood in the construction of the camps, which were also built in other places, initially not the question of independence in the foreground. Rather, it was one "new form" of the fight to demonstrate against social exclusion. Because of the richness of the country in fishing and soil shears, the Saharauis usually does not benefit. When assigning apartments or workplaces they are disadvantaged. Because that is systematically done, the camps had a huge inflow and became the danger of Morocco.

Because incoming it was only hundreds that involved in the construction of the camps. But then electricity thousands of inhabitants of all ages and sexes from the occupied city in the Wisse to participate in the protests. In the meantime, the safety felt locked the bearings even in view of the influx. Three circles were pulled around the camp at Lanyoune. With barbed wire on high walles, army tried to isolate the camp, peppermemy and police. Apparently the supply of food, water and medicines should be supposed to be prevented. In part, on cars was also sharply shot, the good in the camp tried to bring. It became the 25. October of the 14-year Najem El-Qarhi shot and seven other saharais were sometimes seriously injured. Amnesty International (AI) has challenged from Morocco to see if it is the "UN specifications have violated firearms".

This forelament changed the mood in the camps. Stronger was also the general repression and the occupation of the West Sahara. From this, the Moroccan government made that the liberation front Polisario has taken power in the camps. The government spokesman Khaled Naciri claimed overdies, a minority has forced its will to the majority, which is why the receivables "political" have become.

Volkure policy for the appropriation of Western Sahara

For a long time, the speakers in the camps had always explained in interviews that people with their protests were therefore going to "to end social exclusion". They did not blame mude that the sahrullic population is systematically disadvantaged by the Moroccan agencies at all levels. They complain, for example, that only Moroccan houses, businesses and workshops have thirst. They then earn a lot of money on it, they continue to rent to the Saharais. The exclusion also complains of former procured phosphate mines of BU CRAA, which also involved in the protests. Many of them were dismissed and were replaced by Moroccan settlers. Morocco has been pursuing a policy for decades to reduce the composition of the population in the West Sahara. With state subsidies and with for Moroccan ratios good pay, settlers are lured to the Western Sahara.

Why Morocco happens so is easily explained. The background is the referendum that the UN has been trying to organize since 1991. Dafur was made "Mission for monitoring the referendum on the independence" (Minurso), which has failed for almost two decades (fight for Western Sahara). The referendum with which the Saharauis should vote on the status of the West Sahara was the basis for the ceasefire with the liberation organization Polisario. Should be decided in the context of the last colonial conflict in Africa whether the West Sahara is integrated independently or in the Moroccan state. The referendum should be more years more "transition time" precede. During this time should be determined who may attend the vote.

United Nations Uben little prere

With the massive change in the composition of the population, Morocco tries the basis for approval for his "Autonomy" to accomplish. That is why voting permission has been argued for almost 20 years. While Rabat wants to vote all the inhabitants, the Polisario wants to remain all the Moroccans living in the Western Sahara from the election. The UN looks to the bustle without making prere on Morocco, which is always subject to persistently all protests of the Saharauis.

Especially in recent years, after many years of waiting, the protests are becoming increasingly strong in the occupied territories. The location in the desert camp was getting tense. In the border area to Algeria, in the participated part by Morocco, thousands of thousands fled and Harren there under adverse conditions. The UN Special sentences found that the "Frustration under the youth rough" be and many wanted to return to the armed fight. The hard conflicts yesterday do that clearly.

That had to do so that the Moroccan consumer is becoming more and more open to the agreements that had lilted to the ceasefire. The autocratic Konigreich made it clear that the West Sahara will at best offer an autonomy status for the vote. Rabat even refused the plan of the UN Special Representative James Baker, who had already strongly scratched the former agreement anyway. The plan prefers to postpone the vote for a further five years and taste the area meanwhile an autonomy status. After the jerk of Baker, the various UN special sentences give the pawl in the hand. In one year, the UN General Secretar Kofi Annan had to determine a new sent month twice. Alvaro de Soto quickly gave up, which is why Job 2005 had to take over the Netherlander Peter Van Walsum. But that too is no longer tap and now an American is trying again in the job. The ex-US ambassador Christopher Ross, but after Walsum 2007, has managed to meet the conflict parties again at least informal talks.

So it is no coincidence that Morocco did not order the storm on the camp yesterday yesterday, so a few stun before you came together again in Manhasset. One may ame that Rabat wanted to provoke the Polisario for the abort of the talk. Despite the heaviest conflict since 1991, the dear did not love the game. She femines that the political position of the Konigreich is weak, it has at the only a few possibilities to point out internationally on the problem in West Sahara. Although the polisario speaks of ten-toten saharais, 150 disappeared and 700 injured people, the talks continue to go. Although you have doubted, Ahmed Boukhari explained, representatives of the Polisario in the Uno, but you did not want to fall in the trap, with the Rabat the "Wants to sabotage negotiations". On the 23. In November, Ross will give a report on the talk before the UN General Assembly.

Coarse interest in the resources of West Sahara, where DESERTEC locations are planned

The fact that a result is achieved in the negotiations may hardly be expected. For this, the international prere on Morocco is too small and the interests of the sickness in the Western Sahara too rough. So the USA and France already with Morocco tolerate the investigation and exploitation of Olfonts in the controversial area (surprising decision to West Sahara). There are the two countries that promote the autonomy plan in the UN Security Council. In the meantime, the Saharauis also lost Spain as a bonded. The Socialists (PSOE) now support the position of Morocco. Because Morocco is needed for the foreclosure against escape from Africa, Madrid now prints both eyes even with massive violations against human rights ("mass extinction" Before the Canary Islands). The ex-colonial power had promised at their deduction 1975, to drove the Saharais into independence.

For years, the EU has been violating its obligations, according to which a definition of the market status of the Western Sahara did not tackle thirst. Thus, it is repeatedly found that the EU fishing agreement violates that the incomprehensible "Rights of the Volker of the territories without self-government on their resources" be guaranteed. So the Legal Service of the European Parliament was finally in a legal opinion, which became public at the end of February 2010, to the conclusion that the Saharaic population was not consulted and she also does not receive the revenue from the exploitation of its own fish farming.

Now the Desertec project is added. Because Morocko wants to participate in producing electricity for Europe in his deserved electricity, which should be invested billions. The view also falls on the occupied West Sahara. When the Moroccan energy minister Amina Ben Khadra in Marz in Paris announced to build solar power plants by 2020 to Funf locations, she also called Al-Aaiún as a location. In the presence of the French Minister of the Environment, she also went to Cap Boujdour as a location. Unlike in Morocco, the custodian territories are usually not installed or otherwise used in the Western Sahara. Therefore, it is possible that the desertec pilot project could arise in the West Sahara. The manager of the planning company, Paul Van Son, wants to build it in Morocco. In addition, Europe with the Canary Islands is only about 100 kilometers away.

The left had therefore a small request to the federal government. Because Berlin has explained that no projects in the occupied West Sahara with taxpayers are required to avoid that Germany recognizes the vorter right-right occupation. In the answer, it is emphasized that you continue to support the United Nations Attention, "in understanding between the involved and based on existing resolutions of the United Nations a peaceful solution of the Western Sahara conflict." But since it is reused that the "Activities for exploitation of natural resources" in the West Sahara "only in line with the Volkerrecht", If you are "Wohl of the inhabitants" have been made in view of the question of fishing, that Berlin does not particularly take exactly.

Evaluating it is called: "The fishing agreement between the European Community and the Konigreich Morocco refers to the area of Morocco and the territories under the jurisdiction Morocco. It does not contain a definition of the legal status of the seawater of the Western Sahara." Therefore, the status of the Western Sahara supposedly not tended. A direct demand from DESERTEC in the Western Sahara by the Federal Government is denied, but the EU or even the company for technical cooperation (GTZ) already the door is already upset.

So the government admitted that GTZ, for example, Al-Aaiún referred to as a Moroccan city, has already measured Morocco’s windstares in the Western Sahara for the relevant preparation of the use of wind power and construction of a high-voltage power line to Western Europe. Also snapped is: "GTZ has carried out advice on the preparation of the Moroccan law for renewable energies on behalf of the Federal Government." It seems that over detours already with German support preparations are made in the Western Sahara. But these will continue to cement the status quo, rather than to demand a solution to the conflict on existing UN resolutions, as officially prescribed.

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