Echelon gerat under fire

French lawyers want to initiate a process against the British and American government for illegal mischiefs

After two weeks ago on the Freedom of Information Act, an official document of the NSA has come to the public in which the name Echelon is mentioned for the first time (first official confirmation of the echelon system), under that for a long time the worldwide Lauschschallssystem of the American, Australian. British, Canadian and New Zealandic intelligence services is known in critics, now seems to be in Europe the resistance to the possible obstruction of the friendly states louder.

Already two years ago, on behalf of the European Parliament, the STOA published a report on the suspected foundations and purposes of Echelon (STOA report from 1997, dependent in 2000). Was adopted here that with the lauschsystem under the direction of the American intelligence service NSA the worldwide, satellites ongoing telephone, email, fax and telex communication is checked out and is searched for specific names and concepts. In the event of this report, the accompanying EU Commissioner Bangemann was refused to approach this topic or even to acquire in transatlantic talks, because one "officially" Nothing about it (dispute in the European Parliament on Echelon). Open from the illuminated states, the friendly governments were not attacked, although Echelon should not only be dishausted organizations or politicians, but also companies. Antonio Vitorino, as a member of the European Commission established for justice and home affairs, still alive only last week to know the Stoa report (EU Commissioner fights for right and order in the network). The STOA report amed that Echelon is increasingly becoming an instrument of economic espionage, which will give information about trade secrets or offers reluctant to the UKUSA Alliance.

On the 23. February will now not only have a committee of the European Parliament’s reports on the Echelon system on the topic (Echelon in front of the European Parliament), but in France one seems to be in court against how the Times reports. Thereafter, Franco Members are to claim that they had evidence that the European Airbus Consortium 1995 had escaped a conclusion of the contract in a high level of 10 billion marks, because Boeing has received information about the offer obtained by the ECHELON system from the NSA and that’s why the Offer could undercut. "The participation of Greath Britain at the spying on its European partners for the US and with her", So the Times quotes the Frenchman Georges Sarre, "Let serious and legitimate concerns arise because this creates a direct conflict of interest in the EU."

Allegedly, French lawyers on behalf of French burger rights organizations want to charge the British and American Government, to have dishearted French companies, diplomats and ministers. According to the lawyer Jean-Pierre Millet, a legally proceeding against the Echelon system in France is possible: "The simple fact that an attempt was made to distract communication, violated the French law, regardless of how the information is evaluated."

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