Echelon committee relies on open source

Rapporteur Gerhard Schmid announces first recommendations

After half a year of investigation, the rapporteur of the Echelon Committee in the European Parliament, Gerhard Schmid, presented the first examination results. Zuruber Telepolis already called Schmid three of the recommendations he will pronounce in his final report.


Schmid will recommend the European Commission and other EU hosts, "as soon as possible, as soon as possible on a fold e-mail". Because the "Roughest enemy of safety is the effort". As soon as an employee goes to a Kryptofax in another room, there is the possibility that he does not simply do this due to constitution.

Furthermore, Schmid will recommend to pay attention to the procurement of computer systems to use only open source systems. Schmid realizes that "The normal administration makes a huge effort", But secure systems could only be set up in this way.

A third recommendation is finally insisting to involve the economic espionage within the European Union on bilateral agreements. That appropriate formulations are incorporated into the European Treaty, he holds it difficult for lawfully complicated and politically difficult to enforce


Above all, two theses set up in Stoa studies of Steve Wright and Duncan Campbell had led to the establishment of the committee: there was a globally organized depending on the US intelligence service NSA, with the help of any electronic communication worldwide, so Also in Europe, be accidental. This system with the code name Echelon is now mainly used for economic espionage in favor of the USA.

Since the Committee has no special rights of the file inspection, he could only evaluate and analyze publicly accessible sources. He came to the following four results so far:

  1. The success of the Abhoren is local.
  2. There is at least one global suspension system for satellite communication.
  3. The economic war has solved the Cold War.
  4. The nation state can not ward off illusions of other states.

According to Gerhard Schmid, the "Possibilities of a global dependent system for satellite communication hopelessly met" (see TP report). Its meaning also decreases because of the increasing relocation of communication on optical underwater fiber optic cables. That’s exactly what the Federal Government was already determined in their budget for changing the G10 law: in some regions only 10 percent of the communication is led via satellites.

A nation state can only capture a limited part of international communication. On-site, however, almost everything can be secrecy if the Lauscher bugs set, tapping cables or shifted radio-bound communication – and the cast off is not protected.

In the European Union, the Danian, French, German, Italian, Spanish and British intelligence operates own suspension systems to desrease private international communications. In order to discourage international communication, which are handled on the IntelSat telecommunications satellites, there will be on local stations in three areas: in the area of the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean and Pacific Room.

France has potential for global monitoring system

Since the United States do not talk about colonies or up to Hawaii, they are instructed to organize a global dependent system on cooperation with other states. Schmid determined: "Based on outlined documents of the NSA, government information, evaluation of parliamentary inquiries, reviewed reports of journalists and applications of physical and informative knowledge that exist in the three zones mentioned in the Earth’s dependencing systems in which Americans are tiant, or to those access to have."

It is unknown if there are other global detection systems. The former Soviet Union has been able to operate such a system in combination with North Vietnam and Cuba. But there are no corresponding evidence. France has a state territory in all three areas mentioned in the Earth. Theoretically, it was able to operate a global suspension system. But here too, the committee is no knowledge.

There are regional communications satellite systems such as Eutelsat in Europe or Arabsat in Arab countries. Gerhard Schmid is "pretty sure that the British dependency on Cyprus has to do access to Arabsat."

Marketer closing with the CIA

For Schmid, it is considered to be identified that the US operates economic espionage. After all, they openly explain that part of their intelligence activities also promote the economy: such trade in dual-use genes, the monitoring of compliance with sanctions and strategic general situations.

In addition, the Clinton Administration has set up a so-called Advocacy Center, which has founded all state opportunities to help American companies in the opinion of the international market. The committee provides documents from which the CIA employees participated in meetings of the Advocacy Center.

For Schmid therefore the question of whether the intellectual knowledge "Targeted individual companies were sent", So you can win competitive advantages. Dafur has found no occupied trap so far. Neither have employees of the intelligence services publicly talked about such a trap, nor was embarrassed companies to the public.

For Schmid, it is crucial that its own economy is at least on economic espionage. Schmid ames that the actual interesting information on research and development, production techniques or financial information is usually not communicated on the phone, e-mail or fax. You need to "therefore classic access to the operation or by penetrating in computer networks", So Schmid. ()

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