East against west at the location germany

The appeals to defend the business location Germany are counteracted by a new edition of the Eastern-West facilities

While the US Central Bank with its zero-interest policy surprised the international financial world, worldwide positive reactions and link to / tp / blogs / 8/20741 has been drawn, German politics in the debate for a second economic stimulus program will continue to be in old East-West facilities. Actually, one thought that this debate was slowly the past 19 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. But it only needed a desire to marry to warm the discussion. This has supplied Federal Chancellor Merkel when she explained in an interview that a second economic stimulus is stronger of renovating the infrastructure in West Germany. Quickly the media created the construction of West – and we were already in the middle of it in the exchange German-German faces.

The SPD budgetary trademark Carsten Schneider threw Merkel to deny her East German origin and titled her as a splitter. Of course, Wolfgang Diefensee had to report as well, which in the Federal Government finally also in addition to the traffic for the construction east is state. In the East requirement, it is not a preference, "but about the fulfillment of the solidarity pact" to resolve flat-covered structural weakness", he stressed.

The media echo on the Merkel-Vorstob was inconsistent. While some commentators kept the new edition of the East-West debate in the 20th year of the Wall of the Wall of the Wall and warned against a envy debate, others rose immediately into the discussion, which was based on party-political Prableerzen. So not only politicians of the left, but also the Union critically looked critical to the proposal. By contrast, Merkel received a support from the SPD politician Klaus of Dohnanyi, who explained Germany’s interview:

What the Chancellor has said, which she has quite right, is that in the West in the past 10, 15 years, we had a significant part of the infrastructure modernization – and omitted because, of course, we first had to see the main task in it Build the infrastructure in the east.

Klaus of Dohnanyi

Meanwhile, Merkel tries to reinstall the debate by following the meeting of the Lander MinistersPrasides that the economic stimulus program is to be used independently of East and West where it is needed

Verbal threaten borders of the Lander

Finally, in addition to the East-West debate, there are other intra-German stays that must be observed in the adoption of the new economic power package. Thus, the ministerial prospective parties climbing have a strong financial participation of the federation. "The next package paid the federal government," called by the CDU Minister Prosident of North Rhine-Westphalia Jurgen Ruttgers.

The CSU has also reported itself in the form of her state group chief Peter Roomsauer and clarified that it will exist on tax cuts this time. However, the strong words were allowed to serve especially in the run-up to the package to greatly make their own positions. Because at the meeting of the ministerial prospects, it was also clear that one would involve all threats, despite a new program. The electant would probably also be difficult to convey when rhetorically repeatedly emphasizes the economic location Germany in times of crisis, and on the other hand, it is counteracted with party-political dispute the MABs counteracted.

Find the appeal to cohesion until well in union circles. The crisis summit in the Chancellery a few days ago, almost as a new edition of the concerted action interpret when employers, trade unions and politics had met joint appointments on economic policy in the 1970s. The new East-West debate also shows how much ideology is included in the official site jacks. However, there are little particularly horny counter-votes.

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