Earbuds: zwolf new in-ear headhorians of nokia

Earbuds: Zwolf New In-Ear Headhorians of Nokia

HMD Global has introduced to a blow between new in-ear headhorters with Nokia branding. The different models cost between 30 and 100 euros and will come to trade someday from July to September. HMD basically divided the new products in three categories: "Clarity"-Gerates should sound great, "Comfort"-Earbuds sit very comfortably and "Micro"-Earhorer precipitate.

There are still four models of the Solo-Buds: These are mono-bugead horizers who are wrapped over an ear and act according to HMD globally especially for professional use. The solo in-ears are available in four variants: Solo Bud, Solo Bud +, Clarity Solo Bud and Clarity Solo Bud+. Decision: the "plus"-Models are protected according to IPX4 against splash water, the "Clarity"-Models offer noise reduction, but no full active noise canceling.


Noise reduction also have the coil two clarity models, which are held in the airpod design. For the music playback, 10 mm neodymium drivers are state-of-the-art, a light string on the body of the Earphones should informedly informedly inform that you did not want to get. Both Clarity models support Bluetooth 5.2. Genuine Noise Canceling is only available at the PRO model of the Clarity-Earbuds, which starts the price list of HMD Globals new Earbud-Potpourri with 100 euros.

Earbuds: Zwolf New In-Ear Headhorians of Nokia

The Comfort Earbuds Pro is also in Weib.

This first place in the price ranking is the Nokia Clarity Earbuds Pro with the Nokia Comfort Pro. This Comfort product line is available in three variants: standard (60 euros), plus (65 euros) and pro (100 euros). The plus model differs from the standard variant in this case by the possibility of wireless charging, the pro variant has additional active amusement inhibit on board.

With the small micro-earbuds you have the choice between two models: the standard version costs 70 euros, the pro variant with "Noise reduction" There are more for funf euros. In no category, the 40 Euro expensive Nokia Go Earbuds liked+. The plus is apparently again for IPX4 certification, but a nonplus variant does not offer Nokia not only.

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