E-scooter overturns mobility fight on strain and sidewalks

E-Scooter overturns mobility fight on strain and sidewalks

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Ministry of Transport wants to allow e-scooter without helmet duty on sidewalks, after investigations, e-scooter riders seem to be hazardous, often with head injuries

On the 17th. May the Federal Council decides on the arrangement submitted by the Federal Department Minister Andreas Scheuer arrangement for the regulation of electricity vehicles. It should go fast, the CSU Minister hopes like the rest of the Federal Government probably at image gain through the attribution of e-scooters or electric stollers. With the electromobilitat one wants to show that despite oppositely apparent yes, something makes for a climate and environmental contractual traffic.

Whether the attempt to send a new class of energy-related and batteries equipped vehicles, even if there are small vehicles, to the strain, is helpful, can be doubted. It’s just a hype, so you have to join in, especially if more people are moved to use motorized vehicles instead of going or take the bike, because it is usually about short ways.

The Ministry is writing "self-balancing" Electrical on-board vehicles are not only emission-free – while driving only, not in terms of electricity, the production of the battery and the vehicle – they were also offered a rough advantage in the citys: "The peculiarity of a variety of these vehicles is also in their mostly small outbows and their low weight, which can be designed to be folding and portable. These properties allow users to carry the vehicles, which is why they represent a special added value for the linking of different means of transport and for retransmission, in particular short distances (so-called ‘last-mile mobilitat’)." It is stupid, however, that so far is not regulated, whether these, especially the scooters, are taken to be taken in public transport, and if so, to what conditions.

"Balanced solution between the introduction of new mobility forms and the awareness of road safety"?

The things can be heavy up to 55 kg and are thus equipped with more power compared to beads when they hit a resistance. After all, the electric smaller vehicles have to be equipped with two independent brakes, also need to be insured and have an insurance plaque, the ministry goes out of costs between 35 and 40 euros.

Up to a type-related highest speed of 12 km / h. Children from 12 years of 12 years of electricity, which can be done with a maximum speed of 20 km / h. Particularly controversial is that the small vehicles with a highest speed of 12 km / h of all are used on sidewalks and in fubganger zones. With the faster musses of cycling or threads are used (exceptions are provided by the outer), they can not be driven on sidewalks with the engine off. Especially in Paris is prohibited again that E-Scooter can drive on the sidewalks.

What a scrub, who does not want to be a precharge minister, is in the expected carambolagen on the sidewalks, bike paths and strain at least for self-protection of the driver a helmet. That it is especially to fully sidewalks and now often too tight cycling trails in the inner states to a streaking of the already cooking conflict between fughangern, cyclists and motorists, is foreseeable. In addition, the electric cladding vehicles are largely non-towerless, which leads to an additional danger to the sidewalks and especially for alter or disabled fubgangers.

Whether it’s how the ministry praises to one "Balanced solution between the introduction of new mobility forms on the one hand and the conservation of traffic safety on the other" acts, it can be provided with a question mark, especially since risk studies are made after importation and until then the road users just participate in an experiment.

E-Scooter driver dangerous herself

There are still a few investigations on the risk of accident. Now a study was presented at the end of April on E-Scooter in Austin, Texas,. Here, the first loan electric timber vehicles drove in April 2018 with a speed up to 25 km / h. The period of September and November was examined, ie relatively shortly after the introduction. The city had already noticed that many people with the E-scooters sturzen and supplement help from the centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to determine the health consequences.

In the investigation period 136.110 E-Scooter for 182.333 hours borrowed. Hazards were 891.121 miles (1.43 million km). In order to determine the inflates in time, the emergency departments of the hospital companies and the rescue services were searched for the concept of scooter and similar spellings and asked many of the accident victims. It could not always be confirmed that it is a casual accident associated with an e-scooter, which is why one between deprived, probable or suspicious uniformity and such exclusion, which were highly likely to be linked to a loan-e scooter. It should, of course, have given more inflates in which the persons were not treated or not treated or not spoken of scooters in their accident reports. Therefore, in the study, it should be noted that the accident numbers are probably understood by the survey.

In the two months, 271 people had been injured, 160 cases were confirmed, 32 were probably, 46 daily and 32 were excluded. Of the 192 injured persons in confirmed and probable falls were 190 riders of the E-Scooter, which is already in the fact that at least in Austin at the beginning of driving with E-scooters, especially the drivers themselves dangerous. The two other injured goods were a fubganger and a cyclist. On average, two inflates occurred per day, but it’s rough differences between the individual weeks. The most unfallow was the weekend, Saturday was the accidental weekday. 39 percent of the inflates happened between 6pm and 6 o’clock in the morning, in the 74 surveyed victims happened in the period 47 percent of the inflation.

29 percent should have taken alcohol in the 12 hours before the accident, 37 percent stated that too high speed was one reason. 70 percent should have received a statement before the first trip, with 60 percent but the far most only through the app of the rental company, which is not enough. Allegedly, only one of the drivers had phoned in the accident and six music.

55 percent of the accident victims were manner, almost half of all injured goods were between 18 and 29 years, the age of the injured ranged from nine to 79 years. Of the respondents, 33 percent assessed to have been violated with an e-scooter at their first ride, more excretion reduces the risk, but does not protect against unpaid. 15 percent suffered their injury after 30 or more trips.

The half of the accident driver has head injuries – helmet uses virtually nobody

As far as the injuries is concerned, driver falls on that almost half (48%) had injuries in addition to other injuries, whereas a helmet could help. Only one of the 190 drivers wore a helmet. But the whole body can be injured, the most common arms, wrists, arms, shoulders. Many had injuries to poor, knees, hands and face. Although "only" 14 percent to the hospital were admitted, 88 percent were supplied in the emergency room and acted for severe injury. There was no death.

The drivers reported damage to the routes such as punch or cracks in the road that had contributed to the unpleasant. One-third occurred on sidewalks, most unfallow on the strain, but also on parking or in underground parking can occur unfalls. It is surprisingly that only in 16 percent of the unfalle vehicles were involved, with which the drivers are together (10% of all unfalls), which they declined, which they braked or jumped from the scooter. The inflates were almost in the city center, many in the area of the university.

Particularly dangerous does not seem to be driving with e-scooters after the study, especially since the drivers largely hazard themselves. After examining Consumer Reports, according to inquiries at Hospitals in the USA 2018 should be at least 1.545 unfallen with e-scooters have occurred. This was allowed to be much too low compared to the numbers of Austin, was acknowledged that many hospitalizers do not even collect whether unfalls are related to E-scooters.

According to a study in Portland, between the end of July and at the end of November 2018 by the hospitals 176 unfalls with e-scooters were reported, there was no, 84 percent have fallen from the scooter. Only 3 percent of the inflates resulted from a summary with Fubgangern, 2 Fubganger were injured, but it is reported by many complaints of the Fubganger over the driving on the sidewalks. Over, the wild parking of E-scooters increases the disabilities of the Fubganger.

In the US, the numbers of the toten and injured fubgangers and cyclists, but also the motorist in the strain traffic has increased in recent years. 2016 became 85.000 Fubganger and 60.000 cyclists killed or injured. In 2017, 5977 Fubganger died in the strain traffic, again 1.7 percent more than 2016. Overall, more than 40 died.000 people 2017 by car indigenous.

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