Wolfsburg, 14. Marz 2013 – The euphoria around the electric drive has been noticeably laid in view of the problems in real operation, many manufacturers are based on the right-wing range and expensive batteries now on Range Extender and hybrid drives. As the last manufacturer, Audi has passed itself from the further development of pure E cars. With the e-up it is something else that Volkswagen has already introduced in 2009 on the IAA as the first fully electric production vehicle of the brand. It is obvious to the concept of the up, which was planned from the beginning with all the potential drive alternatives. Now he should come to the market from September 2013. Previously, the small electrodies only have to run a second time in Frankfurt (on the IAA of 14. to 22. September 2013).

1,2-Tonner with up to 150 km range

The electric motor of the e-up makes 60 kW (82 hp). The continuous performance is 40 kW (55 hp). The maximum torque of 210 Nm stands as with an electric vehicle ubrow, already available from the first turn. So the four-seat small car accelerates in 14 seconds to Tempo 100 and reaches a highest speed of 135 km / h. The range for the 1185 kilograms of heavy e-up specifies VW with up to 150 kilometers.

Quick charge in half an hour

The energy storage of the e-up is a lithium-ion battery built into the vehicle floor with a capacity of 18.7 kWh. This should be charged to up to 80 percent of your capacity within 30 minutes. How long a complete charging cycle lasts, Volkswagen has not yet communicated. The connection for the charging cable is sitting there where the tank cap has been upgraded. Optionally, the standardized charging system CCS (Combined Charging System) is to be used during current refueling, which supports both the same and alternating current.

Recognition sign daytime running lights

Auberes recognition signs of the electric Wolfsburger is the arched arrangement of the LED daytime running lights in the Stobfang. In addition, front, sill and underbody were aerodynamically optimized. Further identification features are gloss-turned 15-inch alloy wheels, blue deposited Volkswagenemblemen and an e-up lettering at the rear. The vehicle interior is surprised by light gray seats with blue seam, garnished of chrome and leather ornaments. A price for the e-up has not been announced.

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