Drug-free and german

Like right-wing extremists try to hike the youth culture of the Hardcore and Straight Edge

That music is the language of passion, not only recognized the composer Richard Wagner. The fact that music is also helpful for the transfer of party-political and right-wing extremist messages, Ian Stuart Donaldson also fell on, the showcase right-wing extremist and Sanger of the British Right-Rock-Legend Skrewdriver, a Combo, which was first as a punk band in 1977. Stuart Donaldson joined the right-wing extremist British party in 1979 National Front a, organized Rock Against Communism-Concerts and reason in 1987 the music-centered, neo-Nazi network Blood Honor with, which is up to date right bands networked. Stuart Donaldson is dead, he died at a car accident 1993. On the other hand, a lot has happened on the right music market.

The right-wing extremist music market – the rough unsuitability

So Blood Honor not only forbidden in this country in 2000. Legal skirt has also differentiated since the 90s, right skirt is an adventure world. Although the number of right concerts lasted last year to about 160 and the production number right-wing extremist ton carrier in Germany on 101 published CDs / LPS. The number of active right-handed ribbon but has continued to increase. In Germany, in the last year, there was around 180 right-hand rock groups that organized concerts or published music. For comparison: 1989 showed only six LPS right-wing extremer German bands, in 1993 there were 35 LPS and CDs.

In contrast to the 80s and early 90s, today is often unclear, who can be paid for the right-wing extremist scene. Right-wing extremists do not rely more only on classic heavy-ride-right skirt in the four-quarter clock if it is not logged out. Right-wing extremists enjoy the game traditions of Dark Wave / Gothic, Neo-Folk, Industrial, Black Metal, and in recent years also increasingly on the hardcore / Hatecore as well as on National Socialist Straight Edge (NS SE), a drug-free variant of the hardcore.

What comes to us? Right-wing extremist health fanatics with electricity guitars? Undercarriage from right-wing extremists in the area of hardcore are by no means new, but they take too. For years, right-wing extremists have been playing hardcore / Hatecore, a playfully perfected, usually more professional produced and more aggressive style of punk. Hardcore was initially created at the end of the 1970s / early 80s in the US from the punk movement, primarily in Washington DC and New York. Hardcore was, and is still rooted today, rooted in the left spectrum. The artists wrote off Do it yourself and anti-capitalism on the flags, shared in good and borse and landed in the selling shelves. Part of the movement, the Straight Edge scene, gave up pioneering drug-free.

Your recognition sign was a painted X on the handpluck, the adolescent in America was applied to so-called all-ages concerts under 21 years, since they were not allowed to cook to them yet. Ian Mackaye, Sanger of Punk Legend Minor threat (at today at Fugazi) Retrieved the X as a symbol in the scene. He had dealt with themselves and in two lyrics against the profilation of American puber, which defined over sex and nighty alcohol excesses. Now the abstinence, drug-free and spab.

Right-wing extremist, drug-free and pretty Hatecore

Youngly, a video from right-wing extremists dived on the Internet, in which is trying to occupy Straight Edge as a term nationally. That it is right-wing extremists is not the same. Original true to tell the young mans and a woman the story of the straight edge movement, also the look sits and resembles the originals. The video is a group around the 28-year-old Arnstadter Patrick Wiedorn, who from the spectrum of Blood Honor dear. The teenagers like Wiedorn also in other clips of the right-wing extremists Internet platform Media Pro Patria on, all this can also be seen at YouTube. There they bet against a multicultural society, against racial mixing and demand species protection for Germans in the Federal Republic.

The video is not a prank of confused right-wing extremist, meanwhile there is an international right-wing extremist hardcore and Hatecore scene. The interpreters prevail Blue Eyed Devils, Teardown, H8Machine (all tribal from the USA) or Moshpit, Eternal Bleeding (Both Altenburg / Thuringen) or Hope for the Weak (Dresden / Saxony). In the USA has under the neo-Nazi organization Terror Edge a veritable drug-free and musically centric network formed with a variety of bands, labels and scene standards. Also in Germany are structures. The label Until The End Records relies on NS Hatecore and tries at the same time as mail order. That New Hate Zine is called "NS HC online magazine" and networks with other right hardcore labels, discussed bands and leads interviews in the right hardcore scene. The list of examples will continue to continue.

In contrast to the Dark Wave / Gothic and Black Metal, where many bands in a gray zone move between occultism, satanism, paganism and neonazism, the right-wing extremist hardcore scene (still) is relatively closed. The right-wing extremism researchers Christian Dornbusch and Hans-Peter Killguss in their book "Unholy alliances" About the Black Metal scene the term pair National Socialist Black Metal (NS BM) away. Songegergangen and interpreters are commonly assigned to the unpolitical spectrum, and again and again a close to neonazism is concealed or denied. Other scenes see neo-Nazi bands, like the Thuringers "Cult" Absurd, only as "Part of the scene", Other others buried them unanimously. The Gothic scene, in turn, is highly intellectual, interpreters sometimes refer to, as in Black Metal, on the thinker of the "Conservative revolution". Such theoretical reference points and comparable personnel interconnections with the right scene there is not in the hardcore scene.

Messages but are indispensable: Neonazi visit concerts of non-right hardcore bands, especially the of Hatbreed (UNITED STATES). The Hatbreed logo was also taken over and in another right lettering ("Hatecrime") transforms. Right mail order handler like the V7 shipping In addition to classic NS-Hatecorebands, do not distribute non-right groups such as the East Berliner Punishable Act, And at Myspace.Com is no longer sparing a spare: here the right-wing extremist hard and hatecore scene profiles about bands like Totally (from the USA – not to be confused with the German Thrash / Death Metal band of the Mainzer area!To), Dawn (Brandenburg) or Daily Broken Dream (Magdeburg / Saxony-Anhalt). Here it is also called "H8edge victory salvation" and bands like Daily Broken Dream "add" with non-right hardcore bands like Hattebreed, Ignite (both USA) or COMBACK KID (Canada). Motto: Hello I’m Nazi, let’s become friends.

Linker Hatecore, Right Hatecore

Since at first glance often is not clear that this is neonazistic activists, bands make it too. The Berlin Tour Booking Agency M.A.D showed himself a surprise as she learned that too "friend" The right-wing extremists became. In the network, the coarse unuccessability tribleau. Here is copied from the right and reinterpreted, here everything becomes hardcore and Hatecore what the stuff is stopped. Hatecore is, like any other original style, too, nothing from right.

Drug-free and German

The term Hatecore is on the left New York band SFA (stand for anything) Backing up your style in 1990 yourself on your disc The New Morality as "New York City Hatecore" designated. But there was never a closed left Hatecore scene. She was always part of the left hardcore scene, she also differed from the Straight Edge area, straight bands like SFA rejected again at the traditional punk-chic, wore rivetarmander and also handed the beer.

Interestingly, in the right-wing extremist scene, the areas Hatecore and Straight Edge (if not every NS Hatecore band Straight Edge is). So has the NS HC band Anger Within Not only songs against alcoholism for national resistance in the repertoire, she also lies in an interview on the side of Until The End Records probable that susceptible comrades are not the picture of a "German freedom chairs" meet.

Little amazing, right-wing extremists have been striking for years around an image change. Right-wing extremists dress on the right rack with brands like Thor Steinar, Masterrace, Patriot or young Erik and Sons. Right-wing extremists carry Palastic cloth as an affront against Israel and run around like left to not attract. And they put on current debates, including alcoholized and voting young people. The right-wing extremist German Hatecore band Might of Rage Prints quite clearly if it starts that it is today "no shame" be, his body "to keep drug-free". With this you reach a broader audience. The Thuringings Moshpit explains in the right-wing extremist magazine Armored, that it is your main goal, with your music "Unpolitical people or representations of other opinions" to reach.

Since the late 1990s Hatecore has been increasingly occupied by the right-wing-extremist side and reinterpreted. That right-wing extremists have not previously represented the right leg in the hardcore scene, may be surprised. Hardcore has always been a gender conservative practice, and a variety of dominates, a playground for trialing men in the attention company, only with alternative signature. Hardcore, and Straight Edge, was also a morally canonized control system from the beginning, only with left-minded alignment. Enemy picture projections, the classification in properly and incorrectly and solidified ideas of the healthy mind and body were always virulent in part of the scene.

The scene was never migrant than the areas Metal and Gothic, migrant. Only a few bands, like the American Bad Brains, were black. To acknowledge the problems of many right-wing extremists, hiphop as a right experience world, as it is about "Niggermus" they were not in hardcore, though hardcore like the Rock ‘n roll can never be music with senior roots. And the hardcore scene looked at a dubbing. You remembered all the colorful caps and peppy ribbon shirts a little at the hippering of the hiphop scene, at the same time you entered the bean with camouflage pants and martial bald bald and acknowledged the skinhead dress. ASTHETIC UP DESIGN TESTS FROM LEAD WAS A QUESTION OF TIME.

Globalization criticism and anti-capitalism from the right

Hardcore was interesting for the rights but above all in terms of content by its anti-capitalist self -understanding. What caused in the left spectrum as an indictment against misappropriation by commercialization and as a requirement for more equality is formulated independently of ethnic association, device in right-wing extremes circles to the arter-keeping battle announcement: so complains the right-wing extreme Hatecore band Brainwash in an internet magazine that with the "Power of money broken" MUSSE, so that one "national pillars folk folk community" be created. The Rostock band Path of Resistance Leave in the Neonazi magazine Rock North strictly announced that it was not possible "Real existing capitalism" by "another capitalist form" to replace.

Anti-capitalism, globalization criticism and anti-Semitism are today’s ideological putty of the right-wing extremists. Who is against globalization, is right against the US and so against Israel as a bonded. Who is against Israel and the US, says to be a mammonistic world domination and calls itself anticapitalist. Anti-capitalist motivated anti-Semitism also establishes a connection between right black metal and rightcore if the scenes also have little together. He is a connecting element between satanism and neonazism for the Black Metal scene and forms a substantive intersection between hardcore and Black Metal in the form of anti-capitalist Attitude.

Thus, the commercialization debates in the Black Metal scene are partly the allegation of one "Tread" accompanied at the scene, one was so on "Jewish companies" Selling. Christian and Judaism is considered religion in Black Metal "weaker", Satanism as "Religion of the will and the strong". Here the devil has a boom. In the NS Hardcore scene, the devil has lost little, here is increasingly focused on anti-capitalist-motivated ability to abstinence, which is at the same time anti-Semitic. So means the German NS Hatecore band Might of Rage in relation to Straight Edge, that is mainly "Nose" Making money on tobacco consumption, one so "Lugs exhibition (s)" Pay and the state of Israel is funded.

Health and environment as the right topics

Increasingly, neonazistic powers discover the topics of health and the environment for national resistance, and they do just in the area of Hatecore and Straight Edge, but also in Black Metal and Gothic, as well as the nature of nature as an organism for a community becomes clear. Who googels the word pair Straight Edge on the Internet, also quickly lands on the rights of the right-wing extremists without recognizing it. So the Okofaschistische side is clarified over Straight Edge and underground, she even quotes Ian Mackaye Minor threat, The criedery of the term Straight Edge. She also links to left animal right groups like Free Animal E.V.. You have no problem. Free Animal E.V. Again, dissociates consumption attempts of this kind "in all sharp", so the words of the association.

Legal extremist bands make anti-capitalist strategies merge with Okofaschist environmental aspects. So the right-wing extremist group sings Path of Resistance not only with anti-capitalist pathos against a capitalist world, it connects her delusion with a faithful nature bondness, but it tries with a muted tone. So it is called in the song "Capitalism Kills": "Capitalism Kills – The Animals – The Mankind – The Nature – The World". This line could also come from a left band, in the incorporation there is also a non-right hardcore band from the USA. The NS HC band Hope for the Weak For example, calls for clarity that you are throwing the "Stop destroying the last reserves" leisure. What the greats have been saying for years and still do not create, one can also on the right edge.

That right-wing extremist drug freedom and nature bonds explain to national conical discipline is not so new. The theme of Okology had already in 19. Century in right worldviews a significant meaning. Ingredients National Socialist ideology can be found in the thinking of the Zoologian Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919), which in 1866 the concept of Okology as science introduced. Haeckel was a supporter of one "Right of stronger", He defended the totung of "Crested children", "incurably ill", "Mental" and "Explain".

Also in the Third Reich, life philosophies of Oswald Spenglers and Ludwig Klages’ were incorporated in National Socialism, although Spengler had an ambivalent relation to National Socialism and opposed to Adolf Hitler, but Mussolini revered. According to Spengler, every culture is a natural organism. Plants, animals, but also the areas of art, society, politics and state are for him life units, all this is an expression of a folk soul. By civilization, however, the entire cultural population disappear every time. Civilization is the death of a culture.

Only the anti-AKW movement of the 1970s and the green occupied in the 1980s through the combination of environmental protection and social question the term Okology from the left, although a former member of the Grunen, Herbert Gruhl, 1982 the in some left circles as Okofascist Appropriate Obological Democratic Party (ODP) with reason. At that time, the Straight Edge scene in the US was roughly roughly and came a little later in Germany: Ocer-based topics and health aspects finished in the claim catalog of a youth culture with one.

In contrast to Okofaschist thought corners, however, one nobody said in the scene "Wholeness" nature who had to subordinate groups and individuals. The Straight Edge scene all over a revolting ascetic self-experience group, which roughly wrote individualism and equal rights (and still does today). Ian Mackaye also distanced himself from conservative utterances of his slogan "I Do not Smoke, I Do not Drink, I Do not Fuck".

Granted: That’s not too freedomly that sounded. That’s why Straight Edge has also understood as a solid coordinate system. Splending the scene suddenly did not practice any sex and also bugs with otherwise what Mackaye did not intend to. Straight Edge Zam so to a dogmatic imperative in the SPAB company and was also interesting for the rights.

A backlog: from conservatism and nationalism to the NS hardcore

At the same time there have already been conservative and nationalist tendencies in the hardcore scene. The American band Warzone For example, in the 1980s, communist-minded and carbage with nationalist positions, if they also published on a left label. In the 1990s, there were increasingly debates in the area of Straight Edge, mainly around the "Hardline"-Movement around your Cuddly Sean Muttaqi and around the Vegan Straight Edge Show Band Earth Crisis. Sean Muttaqi converted to Islam, Earth Crisis Again, moraling handles their instruments, so arching as the pope, positioned strongly heterosexual and weathering against abortion. Here went a lot.

Drug-free and German

Obvious rights under-immigration efforts in the hardcore scene but is only since the second half of the 90s, if the New York-Hardcore band is also Youth Defense League (YDL) already in 1987 in the Blood Honor magazine presented as anti-communist and nationalist. In recent years, the scene has repeatedly resisted actions like "Good Night White Pride" or "Let’s Fight White Pride" Against rights Classification attempts. At the same time, right-wing extremists interpret the actions, such as in "Good Night Left Side". All of this is a sense of importance according to the anti-antifa principle, an action that was initiated in response right-wing extremists to get the antifa. Do what the opponent makes.

That should "enemy" but it is especially for confusion and should place right ideas in the middle. Acts the left as a similar by playing the same principle with the fire on the right edge, the taboo break is not far. Lately, there were increasingly debates around hardcore bands from the Ruhrpott of the Environment of the Crew RBS. Here you are consciously politically incorrectly, sings like Bose the Ruhrpott is, relies on stump trump and ubt in the "Violant Dancing", a dance style that matches martial fellow kicks in the audience.

Under the line WELCOME TO GERMANY The band Reduction also present German and proudly, in interviews one positions itself as a grounded Democrats. Nobody is racist here, emphasizes a member of the RBS Group in fan magazine OX. Provocation applies as a stylistic device of the "Artistic expression". Who does not understand that, had nowadays "a very heavy life".

Expertise rites and high-level subsidies between hiphop and pretty hardcore

In fact, especially in the field of hiphop, survivors have always taken care of confusion and they also led to misinterpretations. The authors Hannes Loh and Murat Gungor wanted with their book "Fear of a kanak planet. Hiphop between world culture and Nazirap" Set a memorial in the scene by indebiting morally on racist and German tendencies in the hiphop. However, you saw ghosts that did not exist. To date, there is no organized Wotan clan, despite racist and sexist derailments in the scene. And even if the right-wing extreme magazine Rock North Already in 2001 oracles, that hiphop faster "woman" if one thinks, occur attempts to occur from the right in the hiphop as so far relatively failed.

At the same time, the debates in the hiphop scene showed, and they are ultimately with those over the groups from the environment of RBS in the hardcore scene to compare that many times no longer female (or it never knew), when to turn right connection. No question: With all the exercise rites and manual subsidies, it goes many times "only" To positioning, also to demarcation or taboo. It is not about creating a Volkian collective or ethnically homogeneous community in a strong nation state – which is usually the case with typical neo-Nazi right rock bands. Nevertheless, the habit for distinction in the hip-hop and partly also in the hardcore often on ethnicity or at the association to a nation, culture, on the gender and thus forms more and minorities.

Much is confused confused in global complexity, and again and again it is called, and it is almost in every book that the right-wing extremism "in the middle" arrived, which is right. But it also needs to be said that left like right positions can be found in the middle. It is not only rooted to root, it is also eliminates. It not only multiply right-wing extremist websites (there is the 1.000 German right-wing extremist websites with call character), the self-representation in the network is generally increasing. Overall, left and rights true in the adventure offensive. One does not mean no all-clear for the other, because especially in the migned gross unsuitability, right-wing extreme positions are all the connection.

Right and left

With all this you have to ask what to be exact today, left and right? Left and right are not closed convection systems with diametrical stops, left and right move in a political continuum and have quite interfaces. For example, a study by the FU-Berlin researcher Bodo Zeuner and Richard Stoss (and others) came to the conclusion that every fun union member today has a right-wing extreme worldview.

Richard Stoss also arrives in his book "Right-wing extremism in change" The recognition that the appendant right-wing extremist parties "only" Just in half the right-wing extremist (the rest nevertheless has a strong right-level mind). In any case, part of the right-wing extremists elects the people’s parties. Youth and music crops are only mirrors of these relevance, they are an expression of surprise and image of a time in which conservatisms and right worldviews with Hedonistic principles merge.

The rights could learn from the left. That’s why the Tone in the right of right now sounds guilty, which is, of course, that bands do not want to be prosecuted. But above all, the rights want to become salonable, so she wants to pick up people there, where they are. This is the core idea of ’68 under the principle of equal rights, was only reinterpreted from the right. This has only nothing to do with a dwinde ideological front position: right-wing extremist music remains companion music for racial hatred and discrimination, it remains music from neonazis for neo-Nazis, but also for which, which do not know in globalization, seek to stand and seek orientation.

Parties, right skirt, and again hard, hard, Hatecore

Primarily, the NPD today releases to the globalization-critical-opposing system offensive, she mimises the cute neighbor, she cooperates with neonazistic free comrades, when it comes to friction. And she increasingly focuses on music and also on NS Hatecore. Exemplary here is the "Bayern’s Day" The NPD in Regensburg in 2006, where the Bavarian NS Hatecore band Burning Hate play.

The NPD thus finds the right tones for their Volkisch-Nationalist and anti-capitalist racist orientation. She also occupies an increasingly important importance as an organizer of right-sided concerts: In 2007, the NPD has organized at least 32 events directly or with gross support of around 160 nationwide events in the field of right-hand skirt and right sail evenings.

The NPD combines musical adventure worlds with racist-motivated globalization criticism. Barely surprising: According to an investigation of Richard Stoss from 2003, 85 percent of the right-directed scene was capitalism-critical and 91 percent globalization critical. At the same time, Stoss’s right-wing extreme attitudes stated about a third of capitalism critics, around a quarter of the globalization critic and 38 percent of anti-capitists. Here, the whole Kudelmuddel in the much cited center is only all the more clear.

At the developments of the NPD, one thing becomes clear: right-wing extremists argue and act today in the argumentation field of new public, which allows contradictions but leads to the dissemination of right-directed content. Opposing seems that the right-wing extremist music market is international today, but is being positioned in this but antiglobalistically positioned. Pass is the time when it’s just Funny Sounds (To your operator Torsten Lemmer) and Rock O-Rama (To give her operator Herbert Egoldt, who died two years ago) as a leading label for dissemination right music.

At present, the 40 right-wing extremist production and distribution companies in Germany exist, the number of active right-wing extremist mailers nationwide, in which tone carriers and other propagandamic materials are consists, with 91 still far high (penetration protection report 2006). In contrast to the 80s, however, the labels are operated by confessing neo-Nazis (Herbert Egoldt was not involved in the right-wing extremist scene at any time, he made "only" Money with right skirt). And passing is also the time as German right-handrock groups like Stork or Power amp Only German names had and sang in German. It is noteworthy that there is a trend towards Americanization of names and texts in German rights skirt and especially in the hardcore, but at the same time it is appreciated into the choir of the unrusted against America. There are even international band occupations.

A globalized music market leads to the worldwide distribution of right-wing extremist content. Sang and musical right-wing extremists for a long time in hinter sinks, in host buildings and guests, there are today musical ergims for the economic commitment not only as an event culture through numerous concerts. There is also a mouse click for Nazi 2.0 between Gothic, Black Metal, Tekkno, Hard, Harder, Hatecore and become a lot of accessible. Right-eye music is so opposed as opposed to time: moves in Germany, one understands itself as a German national and probably tries it with drug-free and German. If you move to international parquet, you glorify the wife race over state boundaries.

The Politologist Thomas Grumke has rightly in this context "globalized antiglobalists" spoken. Here you try to remain flexible reasonable. In all the confusions in and advancing services to the middle, right-wing extremism remains one thing above all: as placant as stupid. The enemy is always the "Other", The other remains only to some extent interchangeable, but you have to blame. And the little bit of openness for quick hardcore will not change.

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