Donald trump, the android smartphone and twitter

Donald Trump, the Android smartphone and Twitter

Screenshot from the Twitter Account of the Real Donald Trump.

Safety of communication: Clinton’s veracity, Merkel’s mobile phone and Obama received only a little smart smartphone in 2016

In the election campaign it became increasingly becoming a problem for Hillary Clinton. During her service, she had no official and secured email account during her service as a US Au-Abin Minister, but uses a private for her private and her official communication. That was not forbidden then, but all official emails had been forwarded to an official account for archiving to an official account. 30.000 Emails by Clinton should have been working, Wikileaks published them.

The background problem is how the official communication is secured. Finally, the possibility is that private email accounts can be chopped. Ultimately, this can also happen to securities secured by state resistances. Clinton had probably not only used a private account for convenience. Presumably, Clinton received no secured BlackBerry from the NSA like that of Barack Obama and therefore used her private, so both your phone and your account was not secured.

Under Condoleezza Rice, Blackberries were still tolerated in the Foreign Ministry, but the NSA said, however, to a request from Clinton, which is a user’s control, which is why this is no longer possible. In the Auf Ministry itself, no wireless Internet connections can be used. Clinton was able to deal with the BlackBerry at that time, but was allegedly, as it is from an email from Donald Reid, stated for safety in the Ministry of Aufrium, not critical to serve a computer, as its employees in the house for mail communication made. He wrote 2009:

AS I Had Been Speculating, The IE Here is One Of Personal Comfort … [Secretary Clinton] Does Not Use a Computer, so our view of someone wedded to their e-mail (Why don’t sound use desktop when in the scif?) Don’t fit this scenario… During The Campaign She What Urged to Keep in Contact With Thousands Via A BB… Once She Got The Hang of It, She What Hooked… Now every day, She Feels Hamstrung BECAUSE SHE HAS TO LOCK HER BB UP… She Does Go Out Several Times A Day to Office They’ve Crafted for Her Outside The Scif and Plays Email Catch-Up.

Donald Reid

Previously he had complained:

[W] E Began Examining Options for S [Secretary Clinton] with respect to secure "BlackBerry Like" Communications … The Current State Of The Art Is Not Too User Friendly, Has No Infrastructure at State And Is Very Expensive … Each Time We asked the question "What’s the Solution for Potus?" We Were Politely Told to Shut Up and Color ..

Donald Reid

Merkel’s mobile phone, Obamas Blackberry

No wonder that Chancellor Angela Merkel also used a Nokia mobile phone safely until 2013, which was not closed and therefore was probably accidental by American intelligence services. "Lucken among friends – that does not work", commented them. There were some swirls in Germany, Merkel friend Obama took it left, the Abhoraffare disappeared quickly from the picture surface. What the US intelligence agency is likely to know corrupting from Merkel? There was no leak.

Although Barack Obama had his beloved BlackBerry phone to take the first Prasident in the Office 2009 after Langen Pot with the security authorities after it had been secured by the NSA. Now he became the first prasident who could email with a cellphone, but his use was very engraved, by name in close friends and raised members of his cabinet, whose equipment had been previously reviewed. His emails could not be forwarded. In May 2015, he had officially and apparently proudly posted his first tweet, but allegedly with a smartphone he had borrowed from an employee.

Shortly before the end of his term, Barack Obama, who liked to complain about his BlackBerry, also complained, but still a smartphone, but overwog the security. As Obama was ironic in the talk show at Jimmy Fallon in June, he was told that was "A good phone, on the high time, but you can not take pictures, you can not make texts, do not call and do not play music". He was jealous of his wife and his daughter, with smartphones all that.

Will he be able to leave the Tweet?

Blackberries were once. Donald Trump should use an Android smartphone with which he also posts his tweets. While they are a little more relevant, but always worry about excitement, most recently because of China. In the short break, the Prasident had invited many of the Internet and IT bosses in Spe, which mainly stood on pages of Clinton, but that Twitter was not there. Allegedly because the company is too small, it is called by the Trump team, it is also the speech that Twitter did not take two donated Emoji.

There were probably moods between Trump and the Twitter boss Jack Dorsey are behind it. Dorsey said unearth on a conference in San Francisco, Trump was well done with the use of Twitter. He knows how to use the service, and it was fascinating and so far unique that he twitter "as a direct communication connection" used, causing "Everyone could see what’s going on in his head right now". Immediately so before diplomacy. You now enter a world in which everything is on the surface and goes in real time. Nevertheless, he said, Trump’s Twitter usage "complicated". He was proud of Twitter, especially on the start of the service by Trump and the election. At the same time, in recent years, the hate tweets rose steeply, which the human became ceased. Twitter went on after the election against right-wing extremists and also blocked Trump-Pendant like Richard Spencer, one of the commuters of the Alt-Right movement. And Twitter was asked to lock Trump himself whose tweets could sometimes stalk the mood or even drove to violence.

Dorsey will not lock Trump, of which it is to be amed, of course, the house right, as the "Real Donald Trump" there only as a private person tweetet. It will be interesting as he will make it as a prasident. Many politicians in Amtern, also Prasident Obama or Merkel’s government spokesman, use Twitter and other social networks to bring messages to the openness or just to show that they are prussian here too. This can change the tone, especially when the account owner himself tweets and not just do this.

However, however, not only the abutment is to increase the extent to which Trump should continue to send the direct, unflunted and abandoned exercises and where he, guided by his consultants, had to be more diplomatic approach, but also the security. Trump himself had ared shortly after the election victory, he becomes less than Prasident Twitter, if overhead. But with 17.5 million followers, he has more pearly than Obama, which just comes to a little more than 12.5 million, then he was tilted to continue to serve his fans, which also means that he is not too diplomatic allowed. The people now expect the Wutburger. And Trump has already explained that he has to use MUSSE Twitter to tackle against the supposedly misrepresentative press. He has also done that before the vote of the election leewem. According to reports, election people were promptly prompted, partly unfriendly to give their voice to Trump. Trump does not respond in his full-style style, but continues to heat the mood on themselves: "IF My Many Supporters Acted and Threated People Like Those Who Lost The Election Are Doing, they would be scorned Called Terrible Names!"

Allegedly, the Trump team does not want to say anything about how it will hold Trump with Twitter. It is also not clear whether there has already been consulting about security with the NSA. George Condon writes in the National Journal: "This means that the NSA, which must protect the government communication and information systems, must deal with a tweet-funny prasident who has already said his consultants, he will not take his Samsung Galaxy S4." However, Trump had to use an American smartphone politically in its own sense, such as an iPhone. Condon says it had been quite able to send hacker tweets under the name of Trump, who had the potential to produce pushing on the borse or cycling crisis.

Condon spoke to the security state, which ames that Trump does not only use a device anyway. Not only could he drove several with him, he can also use the gates of his companions. You can give him a secure smartphone, with which only Twitter can be used, another for calls or another exclusive for his family. Then the good man was well packed and sometimes confused which he should use for what. But the security officer also means that ultimately the prasident decides. Obama had been simple, he has taken security seriously. At Trump you do not know yet: "That’s the prasident. He can do what he wants." Suggestive he added: "Prasides are immanently really smart people. They understand the risks they can go, and they try to play the game properly. You will not be a prasident if you do not understand that." You will have to wait for that.

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