Dolly is here – and we are the next

The attention spectacle of the manageable reproductive physician

The event had been attracted attention to attention at home to secure the media spectacle, if in the middle of the Holy City a little heflein of scientists is only true of the reason to make it difficult to clone once again. Apparently, how to remove a dpa message, especially journalists on the workshop present. This has already filled his purpose.

Dolly in 1997 with "mother"

After the envision of the project at the end of January already 600 couples had already expressed interest in cloning children (an Italian scientist wants people cloning). Zavos said he has been flooded by emails since the envision of Emails: "Dolly is here – and we are the next." Presumably, the events Just is about giving the profitable business with reproductive medicine by a new and expensive technology anyway. But in order to enter the business, they require subjects that you have to be ready to pay a lot of money for a doubtful company?. Rich, but infertile manners are the target group that applies by actions and promises. The media can be tensioned in front of the carts and convey the contact with the customer base.


Human Cloning: This Service is Offered for the Amount of $ 200,000. US.

Clonaid from the Rael sect

The reproductive physician Severino Antinori had in 1998 in competition with Richard Seed and the equally attention-student Rael sect ever conceded that he also wants to clone people. At that time, that was quite tallless, while Antinori and his colleagues, primarily the reproductive scientist Panayiotis Zavos of Andrology Institute of America, can now be almost in a worldwide sunshine, which repeatedly and provocatively inform them, that they want to be the first to be the first People cloning. The secret that is cocetted where and when that should take place and who will be the paying one, but by which the premiere prominently expectant victims will be, everything is still a little more interesting. Maybe you can soon invest in the Borse in the new company ….

Update: However, the mirrors today report that Antinori and colleagues want to export their premiere in Israel, as cloning is not prohibited here. Things to be the Israeli physician AVI Ben-Abraham should be made, the cloning is allegedly through a company called Abaclon. Ben-Abraham is apparently a good fellow combat: "The time has come to put us over the laws of nature", he said. You should give plenty of money, at least he was able to do: "Money does not matter to us."

Is such a message once to the publicity, you spread like a mem. There are not those who live for good, the infection bribers, but as well as well-known primarily the opponents or critics carry the message very much more effective, while the journalists who have a more or less pre-packed message, eager to stimulate themselves. Now you can seem to write articles clearly distanced, if you quoted that American scientists are the reproductive cloning of people because of the still safe, ineffective and with many omissions accompanied technology accompanied "criminal" describe. Of course, actors to the openity, which otherwise do not have the chance otherwise. Now you have the same extent to the Italian Medical Chamber Drohe Antinori with far-reaching maws when he clone. The German research community also has an opinion and says that the project for "unscientific and immoral" may be.

However, one woman was that the public excitation was not allowed to stop long. Probably it will go with the cloning as similar as with the Big Brother productions: you just have to spend a topic so that it will be customary and uninteresting to reduce the spectacular. Already the mood of the excitement has been marked noticeably, which was published by the reporting of successful cloning of Dolly. And once the dam was broken, the first child was cloned, then MOGEN National Legislation still prohibit this, but also reproductive cloning is becoming a more or less normal process – and cloned people become equally little as zombies or only consider themselves as products like people who have arisen through in vitro fertilization.

With the accession of the excitement, the really problematic aspects of reproductive cloning are finally clear. As long as the opponents like Don Quijote struggled with non-existent enemies, they had the field to leave the business markers. Anyone who naive argued that a clone is an accurate copy of another person, not only revealed genetic engineering and the meaning of the genetic code, but also amed that the method will ultimately be carried out without problems.

Not only are the still gross error rates that discredit cloning simply as a technique, but the malformations and miscarriages that they appear practically appeared as being operable. Although Antinori has pointed out that the risks were not coarse than in artificial fertilization, which had also been criticized and rejected at the beginning, but in an error rate like cloning the sheep Dolly, in which nearly 300 attempts were necessary, probably does not play any Mrs. More with and will not be found no rental income nut. Since the cloning of Dolly, it has not succeeded in significantly improving the procedure and reducing the error rate. However, the scientists from the Scottish Roslin Institute are broken down on a cause, why cloned animals tend frequent to malformations and miscarriages, resulting in the possibility of improved procedures (health damage with cloned animals).

Although Antinori and Zavos insured that the cloning was different in humans, they can reduce the error rate through intensive qualitat controls and they knew as a reproductive physician anyway on embryos, but they still make their program on the manner for safety’s sake. They have it easier because they only have to give cells, which is why in a survey of Antinori supposedly 70 percent of the no success for infertility treated manners are interested in cloning (which is unknown how high this interest in money remains converted) that but only two percent of women were interested in cloning. Not only is that interesting, because Antinori first wants to clone only manner, but also because it was always claimed that clones make the manner roughly overall. Now they only had to develop a procedure together with the cloning, as the cloning men are independent of women, in which they themselves help themselves or grow them in an artificial uterus.

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