Deutsche telekom takes 12.000 5g antennas in operation

Deutsche Telekom takes 12,000 5G antennas in operation

16 million people should now use 5G in the Telekom Network: The Telco company has put on a hit several thousand 5G stations in operation. Meanwhile, 12 are.000 5G antennas active in Germany, Deutsche Telekom said.

In the coming weeks, the Telekom wants to further expand the 5G capacities in Germany. By mid-July, 40 million people in Germany are to be used 5G in the telecom network, the Telekom promises. Already we are provided on 1000 city and communities with 5G. By the end of the year, 40 should.000 5G antennas in operation.

Variable use of frequencies

Possibly, the progress of 5G expansion, according to Telekom, makes the variable use of mobile frequencies. Telekom uses 15 Megahertz in the 2.1 Gigahertz band for LTE as well as FUR 5G.

The auctioned frequencies use the Telekom in the city and in the rival area differently: In coarse dates, the Telekom sparks on 3.6 GHz to achieve high speeds. In the rival area, however, the 2.1 GHz frequency band is used, which has more reach.

Deutsche Telekom takes 12,000 5G antennas in operation

Current status of the 5G expansion according to German Telekom.

Overview of the 5G cover, Telekom gives on its own website. In regions around the citys like Berlin, Hamburg and Dortmund 5g is already widely available. It looks worse in the regions Hannover, Munchen and Frankfurt am Main. By mid-July this could change.

According to Telekom, the sudden 5G expansion was the reason for the comprehensive network meetings, which determined Telekom customers in the night of Tuesday. Numerous users throughout Germany had problems connecting to the mobile Internet or to drove phone calls. Group boss Timotheus Hottges had found the trap with the 5G expansion.

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