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The Enforcement Market Mobile communication landed hard on the ground of the realitate

Until recently, network operators and equipment manufacturers still won each other with future promises. Now you have to put your explanations stuck by. And that seems that the beginning. Is the envisivity market mobile communication at the end?

The beginning made Vodafone D2 ­ At that time still in reverse name order: UMTS with video transfer it will not at the beginning give. Sorry, does not work, the market-leading network operator considers the highlighted pre-Christmas business. As a nasty of the new service providers and art UMTS network operators Quam the Christmas business is shortly completely outstanding: not so important. Just as surprising as the Hubschen "I have a dream"-Spots appeared in the TV advertising boxes, they disappeared again. Because calling with Quam turned into a nightmare. Reason: lack of compatibility with the existing networks.

No sooner was the Christmas corporation then hailed a future warning after the other: UMTS? Not. At least not before the end of 2003, declared T-Mobil in mid-January. And also the Mobilcom and Swiss Swisscom laid the UMTS start ­ At the beginning of 2004. Also without video. Rates are not coming. Not even the CeBIT. There is hardly anything to see, prophesy insiders. And if, then the manufacturers will rich their enlightenment and hollow design studies in the backrooms. Conspiratory for handpicked journalists who can touch the design of the future. The reason: You have nothing else to show. The future begins once again with delay.

Flash left – right drive

Only Nokia advertises Wacker with mobile features that do not yet exist, against refracting reality and bad mood: There is a good-level reggae musicus in the TV-SPOT its latest work by mobile network in the tristen workboat of his buddy, whose mobile phone display Dynamically twitch when playback. In fact, Nokia has not hurriedly with the future: As the last mobile phone manufacturer, the Finns brought a device to the market that supports the fast transfer standard GPRS. The new 5510 in the chic design of a spectacle case and with many keyboard-like keys FURSEN FASTEN SEXS, is one of the hope carrier in the faulty this-year mobile phone market ­ technologically but at the stand from the beginning of last year. Left flash – right: Only the world market drivers can afford.

The parties are now admitted to the parties to have several things under control: the development of the gates, the expansion of the networks, the acceptance of the users, the attitude towards the transmission technology. And so that they are not so stupid, they push one on the others: "The devices do not come", explains T-Mobile Europe boss Rene Obermann reproachful. "The net is not ready", the accused, "The services and applications are missing". Whoever gets to blame for the slurry in the shoes: Now it’s time with the visions of the beautiful new mobile dream world. The industry stobs its limits – and lands hard in the reality. The competition for the brightest future fantasy seems finished first.

Interfaces for the future

For a long time, the well-made promise struck any reality: The fat lip seemed the best argument to provide, device as well ­ the most important ­ Shares for sale and keep their courses on line. Like that, you could experience live on every mobile phone beam of the MediaMarkte live: As a promotionally, buyers were insured if their wishgerate really has an infrared interface ­ In this case, a quarter of the expert and certain purchasers do not even have the laptop, the organizer or another body of the counter interface; Will say you have no device to use the infrared interface.

The symbol of the future was the interface important: because apparently your function is not at all to transfer data to or make gerate compatible. The infrared interface was ­ How many other technical features ­ a message of the owner to themselves and others: show how future compatible I am.

The infrared interface was only a symbol from the character box of the private future status. WAP was another. But starting inflation of the future symbols provided for an ever faster devaluation of the communication power of individual characters, so that new had to be here to get the principle of life ­ and to secure the demand. So with the little wradies. Because they came straight to the market ­ It never went to the actual function. But the technical revelation a few weeks ago the system deprived the whole, the principle complete. And only so is Nokia with said 5510 a technical old hat as an innovation for sale.

Stop the visionshuerei

Since the industry had had to shut down the pants to confess that they will not get the future not baked the future, now seems to close the Visionshuerei. Because the industry also sees that you can not ride the hype – at least not in the long run and not without risk, sometime to be bloded. The hype as a permanent device does not exist.

The next debacle are already in the house: Still is not proven if EMS (Multimedia Message Service), new advanced forms of SMS, how to work. So the industry will spend a long time with SMS, its revenues with voice communication, logos, ringing, message service, download games and maybe make a bib WAP.

Many network operators should act actually known from their experience with WAP. Because the former mobile internet is today for jaily snail downloads, which rather than just lay layers of layers of unexplated links instead of contents, which prove to be rather useless in total. Nobody talks about WAP today ­ Apply those who complain of their recessed million-heavy investments.

So, the industry will face your technicians for a long time to take a long time to take a long time seriously and make your homework. And invent a new future! And this new future will be significant, so, "age" Present animals than the old future: she is ­ basically ­ vision-free. Because those who still asked much, makes themselves. And after the industry in a kind of voluntary self-control has avoided this vision ban, the managers now access marketing classics back: For this year, a faded price competition is announced. And that sees and rewards the Wirre Stock Market. Shortly after the hour of truth, when T-Mobile announced the embarrassing UMTS relocation, the company’s share price climbed by two percent.

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