Deliveryando offers courier permanent appointment

Deliveryando offers courier permanent appointment

The food supply service Delivery includes its cure permanent work organization. This applies to one now now for new employees, as the company of the Dutch industry giant Just Eat Takeaway announced on Friday. On the other hand, the approximately 10.000 existing drivers and driver of Takeaway Express GmbH offered permanent appointment.

More safety

Although their temporary employment was usually so demanded, but the new service offered but more security, stressed the delivery service. If you want to set a new industry standard, Takeaway Express Chef said Alexander Linden. Observatory semih yalcin buried the step.

Deliveryando has already been based on the regular employment of courier since the start of the delivery service 2016. In the industry you will be after the model of the so-called "Gig economy" often classified as a defined entrepreneur. From politics, better employment conditions for courier are required again and again.

Delivery is clear market fufer in the business in Germany. But the competition is currently heading for. So, in May, the Pioneer Delivery Hero announced to return to the German market. In addition, services such as Gorillas, Flink and Getir offer the fast delivery of supermarket goods.

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