Davutoglu splits the merkel summit

Davutoglu splits the Merkel Summit

Matteo Renzi, Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande in one apparently not very simple conversation. Image: EU

Turkey wants to succeed all new escapeons from Greece, but requires a high price. Meanwhile, the Chancellor fights for freedom on the Balkan route – and to her image as "last European"

So Angela Merkel had "their" Turkey summit probably not presented. Shortly before three important state elections, the Chancellor had convened the 28 EU bosses after Brussel on Monday. Thus, after months of the crisis and the cleavage, she wanted again as a decisive "boss" present and let your controversial escape policies announce an EU decision.

But then everything went wrong. First, a design was pierced from the Feather of Ratsprasident Donald Tusk, in which the EU is the Balkan route for "closed" explained. This was not only considered the victory of the hardliners in Eastern Europe and Austria, but also as a sound shrinkage for the Chancellor. The German EU diplomats in Brussel had apparently slept – or failed.

Davutoglu splits the Merkel Summit

Good expression to the Bosen game? Image: EU

Then there was a preliminary preliminary talk with the Turkish Minister Prosident Ahmet Davutoglu from the helm. Actually, Davutoglu should finally ask, "illegal" Flights without asylum claim, especially Afghans and North Africans, to take back from Greece to Turkey. So it had been arranged, so it had also called Tusk Lauthals.

But the idiosyncratic AKP politician who, before his departure after Brussel the brutal retention of the opposition sheet "Zeman" Just just wanted to know nothing more about it. Must not only talk about escapeons, but also about the EU accession, he urged. Merkel and the EU Council Chairman Marc Rutte (Netherlands) were perplexed.

From the planned short preliminary item on Sunday evening, a five-hour round of negotiations, which ended only at the Frub Monday morning. And from the hoped-for triumphal appearance of the Chancellor at the EU summit became a corridor to Canossa. "It can not be that something is closed", she said in the arrival in the summit building. Merkel had fallen into the defensive.

Devilish deal

The Chancellor who likes to be in the escape crisis as "last European" Characterized, unexpectedly to two fronts, once against all those who had explained the Balkan route for closed and the "Fortress Europe" Now finished afterwards again tightened. In addition, in addition to Austria Kanzler Werner Faymann also paid Francois Hollande Francois.

And then there was the fight against the bosses who refuse close cooperation with Turkey and none "legal" Take over contingent escape. The Hungarian Viktor Orban Outered expectant as a pioneer of this hard line. But also the Maltese Premier Joseph Muscat demanded more time. Even EU states that are not the ridge of the "Unwilling" are attributable to external reservations.

Because what Merkel had spoken with Davutoglu, many questions raises – it’s a deal full of fub faels. The human rights organization per asyl to convoke the plan even as "devilish", Because he play human life against each other. It sounds at first glance tempting: Turkey could bring all new escape from Greece, promised Davutoglu.

However, the Turkey does not want to keep the escape of the escape: The so-called so-called economic escape bits should continue to be deported to their countries of origin. And for every Syrian, the Ankara is back from Greece, the EU is intended to record one of the 2.7 million Syrians who live in Turkey. A head for us, a head for you, one-in, one-out, is the striker logic.

And these are not the only demands that provided for frowns: For 2018, Ankara also requires three billion euros additional support from the EU. The early visa freedom for Turkische Burger is expected to come from June. And in the controversial EU accession negotiations, new chapters should be opened immediately.

Overall, a pretty indigestible cocktail, the Merkel and Davutoglu existed. Although Greece was relieved, even on the Balkan route, there was hardly any escape to Europe. For this, a massive redistribution of Syrians from Turkey into the EU Lander was set in motion – so exactly what orban CO. fight with hands and guards.

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