Data cities: like hacktarists submit smart city concepts

Data Cities: Like Hacktarists Submit Smart City Concepts

Intelligent cities are safe, clean and green and the first aspirants on autonomous vehicles and air taxis according to PR booses. At the same time, they are aligned that the glasserns inhabitously reveal many data from themselves "do nothing to hide" to have. Researchers, hackers and media artists are therefore looking for ways to rescue the privacy of the burger and beat the tech coronations benefiting from smart cities with their own weapons.

Twitter-Bot collects information on ticket control

On crowdsourcing and digital cavity based projects for one "Data-driven propaganda" From below, the web developer River H set up in this sense. On Friday at the beginning of the Conference Data Cities of the Disruption Network Lab in Berlin. She has programmed a Twitter bot with Avoid Control, which collects evidence of ticket controllers in the capital of human users and continues to cross the account TicketLosberlin. "U6 Friedrichstrabe, 6 checker * inside direction old Tegel" Is there then about to read.

The next steps have the "Anti-capitalist tech activist" already prepared. So she uses a recognition software for natural language to extract from the tweet recurring information on controlled lines and directions. The bot programmed by it builds these points into a database and create a geodata-based object entry. The next online agent clearly clear the users on the most strongly controlled railway farms and districts. The tab currently contains 700 data points. Now it is about visualizing them, trend analysis and create a corresponding online map.

Secure fibers in the city

Personally, she segregated that the public transport should be free of charge for the passenger, enormed River H. The reason for the recording of the work on the warning system but have been experiences that controls OPNV users often cover condescended. It should therefore be possible to be possible, such "Power trip" to avoid people. Generally, the sanctions against passengers without a ticket hit mainly socially weak, which were so deeper in a circulation of criminalization and poverty.

Other community-based data projects involving the programmer are Refuge Restrooms and Brightpath. On the first initiative and a horny online card, you can be found "Gender-neutral, barrier-free and single, separated rooms having toilets all over the world" Find. At the second show an algorithm the shortest safe FUB route from one point to the next in the citys like San Francisco.

Eydic behavior of observed

Practical insights into the functioning of algorithms with which "Intelligent video monitoring" Suspicious behavior of observed work, meanwhile gives the initiative Suspicious Behavior of the media artist Cairus. In a kind of online game you have to be there "Clickworker" Situations in videos from surveillance cameras examples and decide within ten seconds whether to see single items or people who could do in the shields.

It is rapidly clear that the rough behavior reduction for such a rating was notified, Linda Kronman from Kairus explained the approach. It is difficult to correlate shown actions with artificial behavior and, if necessary, to consider cultural differences. Inevitable is that prejudices into the sets to such training data for artificial intelligence and the result, for example, already marginalized population groups were further discriminated against.

Data Cities · Day 1 · Sept 25 2020 · Smart Technologies, Tracking Human Rights · # DNL20

Smart Cities – monitoring and bad secured information

Alignment in apartments is an integral part of many Smart City undertaking, clung Kronman’s colleague Andreas Zingerle the arch. With projects such as panopticities and insecure by design, Kairus makes sure that the technology used by the cameras up to the servers in the control rooms usually do not even secure until badly secured and easy to externate. Some manufacturers used the same settings for all devices and the simplest passwords, the traffic will not be closed. The material KONNE is thus simply used to train your own algorithms.

Despite such weak, Sudkorea see himself as a test bed for smart cities including RFID chips and censorship networks, Zingerle reported. Tech coronary corporations such as LG, Samsung, SK Telecom or Korea Telecom had developed special kits for the export of such networking projects for the citys especially for exports in developing countries. On the island itself, Sejong City is designed as a new administrative center on the friction board and as an ideal platform for art technologies as well "Happy People" Applied. In the case of already in the years ago process model Songdo the varnish, on the other hand, be now off: There, the real estate speculation, many of the newly built Hochhauser and Malls hours are empty, the allegedly innovative gauze glake system does not work.

Burger as a resource

Invented the concept of Smart City IBM, supplemented the British privacy researcher EVA flower-dumontet. It deals with IT integration and above all about the data collecting. In addition to Big Blue, Huawei has developed into a coarse international actor on this field, whereby the technology and instructive services were often awarded free of charge to the city administration for a year. The weak point of most striking concepts is that the burgers have been performed only as a resource such as water or energy and were not put on the center.

This was also the mistake of Google daughter Sidewalk Labs in the Waterfront Prestige Project in Toronto in May, Julia Kloiber struck the Superrr Lab in the same score. The company has never answered the question that the data argues and how the project should be ethically regulated. Therefore, she had resistance. It therefore applies to grass root projects for Open Data and Open Source in the urban administrative environment, taking into account the prejudices, which could quickly creep into the data material.

Convelope already installed technology

The Hacktiv Denis "Jaromil" Roio, who specializes in digital social innovations, appealed to the audience to recall the smart city. He buried it therefore that many cities already supported the manifest of the municipal manager Francesca Bria from Barcelona for open intelligent communities. In Brecht’s sense, the already installed technology will be converted in the sense of the common good. Programmers and ethical hackers who accounted for an elite of around one percent of society should focus on small components with free software such as those created by him and, for example, in Amsterdam with simple solutions implemented in the Zenroom initiative and so stucco for Stuck Build the operating system of Stadten. Principles for data minimization have always had to be considered.

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