Danger of war at the persian gulf

Danger of war at the Persian Gulf

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Comment: What can do EU and Germany?

Federal Minister Heiko Maas hurried three weeks ago in Iran to support the EU’s message of the EU. The actual message was that we can not do anything as the EU, but you can prevent a war!

The Trump Administration has reinserted all sanctions that were repeated as a result of the 2015 nuclear agreement. She has continued a lot and has set the Iranian revolutionary waxes on the list of terrorist organizations in addition to several others. At the end of June, the US also took Ayatollah Ali Khameni and Iran’s Dent Minister Zarif with sanctions.

The Trump Administration seems to settle with the Ayatollah’s first legislative period. The strategy is: Tehran forcing the radical enrollment, or the land through explanatory sanctions (plan a), which already hit 80% of the Iranian economy, to confront with domestic social revolts.

As Ultima Ratio, targeted and deterrent military strikes should follow which Iran’s military influence in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and Lebanon. It emphasizes Washington permanently that it will not start a war myself.

Donald Trump replied the insulting words of Prasident Rohani with unmistakable words: "Every attack of the Iran on something American is answered with coarse and overwalling strong. In some areas, this will mean a great deal of exclusion. No John Kerry and Obama more."

Iranian driving lost the sense of reality and only understand the language of strong and violence. Rohani had from "Sign of spiritual disabilities" talk about Trump.

In Tehran Betuerte Maas, Germany will continue to hold on to the Nuclear Agreement and try to ensure Iran, despite the US sanctions, by the purpose company InSTEX, which is supposed to help trade relations with Iran. Maas was also serious and threatened to Iran indirectly with further isolation and a reintroduction of the UN security council sanctions, should Tehran from the Agreement or. Imported his policy of partial printing.

Iran’s reaction

Rohanis and Zarifs Answer to rescue from the crisis was that America was with "Oconomic terror and war against the Iranian people" Post.

The Japanese Premier Shinzo Abe also arrived in Tehran shortly after Maas. Unlike Mause, the Japanese knew who he should turn to: the revolutionary Ayatollah Ali Khameni. ABE transferred the willingness to negotiate the USA. Khameni replied: "Trump is not a message or an answer."

It is known in Tehran that Prasident Rohani and Aufemister Zarif Khamenis decision has to make decision. Maas and ABE opened windows to negotiations, which Ayatollah Khameni continued to decline in his hysterical anti-American-paranoia, which has now barely jerked in Iran,.

The consequent US prasident pushes the ball on the field of Iran, where he always becomes the readiness "unconditional negotiations" highlight. However, it can be amed that Mike Pompeos 12 conditions come to the table immediately when negotiations should start. Iran’s permanent rejection, which also springs from a very weak position, does not work well in the international community of international community.

Excursus: The Nuclear Agreement (JCPOA) of July 2015

The nuclear agreement was on the 14th. July 2015 has been closed between Iran and the USA, France, Great Britain, Germany, Russia and China. The International Atomic Energy Organization (IAEA) has not detected any incremental Iran against the Agreement. But the Trump Administration is not just about the nuclear deal.

The Islamic Republic agreed under immense prere in direct negotiations with the United States, which until now applied as absolute taboo. The walks of experience with the mullah states that they will only deflect when the existence of the regime is threatened. The Tehran Geiseldrama of 1979, the Iran-Iraq war had been pulled completely unnotised into the long until the Ayatollah had to end it in extremely weak position and with significant human-material damage.

Prasident Rohani explained his conservative critics that Iran had been totally bankruptcy if he had not signed the atom agreement: "… the state today could only pay the salary of his officials and nothing. No rial goods more infrastructure, economy or education".

It was not a gesture of the good will or the will for cooperation with the international community; Rather, the Mullah’s two goals followed: Firstly, they wanted to prevent the economic collapse and thus the risk of social unrest and secondly they were able to support the sanctions and the inflow of billions of US dollars the financially military support of Bashar Al-Assad, Hezbollah and contemplate militias around the region.

In this regard, the conservatives in the US have kept right that the funds of the funds have not fledged the impoverished Iranian population. The Trump Administration saw the exit from JCPOA as the only possibility to prevent the whole thing. As long as Iran was financially good, the guided in Tehran has all threats and sanctions of the UN Security Council for "Stucco torn paper" held.

EU giants (Germany, France and Great Britain) do not have the lowest risk with the United States what Iran’s destabilizing-destructive regional expansionism, the rocket program and the support of terrorist militias.

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