Daimler sues against diesel recalls

Daimler sues against diesel recalls

After its unsuccessful objections to the diesel recalls by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), the Daimler automotive group is taking legal action. There were three complaints from Mercedes-Benz AG, the Administrative Court of Schleswig confirmed upon request. Two had been received at the end of February, the third on Tuesday, 16. March 2021 . "As announced in 2018, we are appealing to have disputed ies clarified in court", explained a Daimler spokesman.

According to the authorities, Daimler used an unacceptable exhaust technology in hundreds of thousands of diesel vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. According to the Group, the recalls imposed for this reason affect around 1.4 million vehicles produced throughout the EU, of which around 600,000 are in Germany.000 in Germany.

Unsuccessful appeals

Daimler considers the functions to be permissible and is recalling the vehicles, but had appealed against the notices – without success. The KBA rejected the objections. Only one is not finalized, because Daimler’s justification was still missing.

The next step will be the lawsuits. Daimler had repeatedly emphasized in the past that it was interested in a fundamental clarification of the disputed ies. "We are in a continuous exchange with the authorities and cooperate fully", emphasized the spokesman.

According to the administrative court, it has not yet received the necessary files or detailed reasons for the complaint. In view of the complexity of the procedures and an otherwise heavy workload on the responsible 3. Chamber could not be expected to hear oral arguments before mid-2022, it hailed.

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