Customs dispute: harley-davidson suffers profit slip

The customs dispute in the US with international trading partners such as China and the EU continues to strengthen the Motorcycle Manager Harley-Davidson. In the second quarter, profit, compared to the same period of the previous year, collapsed by almost 20 percent to $ 195.6 million (175 million euros), such as Harley-Davidson on Tuesday (23. July 2019) in Milwaukee in the US state of Wisconsin notified. The elaborate fell by six percent to 1.4 billion dollars.

This time, the business abroad, with which Harley-Davidson the weak US sales in the previous quarters was still quite well cushioned. In the home market, the traditional manufacturers stand for a long time in the fire of the criticism of Prasident Donald Trump for production releases abroad, which had even supported boycott calls of his appendant last year.

In view of increased costs due to high and weak demand, Harley-Davidson reduced sales and profit expectations for the current business year. After all, the quarterly report provided: The company announced with the EU’s approval of providing Motorrader Kunftig from Thailand to Europe so as to avoid the high commitment to US good. However, this took much more than expected.

Hope also carries out the project of electrification with new models over the traditional model range. Only in short, the motorcycle maker presented his Harley-Davidson LiveWire (Test), a 78 kW of e-bike.

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