Curry 54, palin 08 and batmans joker

YouTube and Co. – Our weekly telepolis video check

A Car’s Life – YouTube Gam

On the virtual booth reors, which currently organizes the TV channel cable 1, we have already pointed up. But now we looked at something more closely. So the Tatort is the snack curry 54 in Magdeburg, and what happens there the lovely day, the transmitter then transfers the transmitter using live stream on the Internet. In the snack itself, chef Olaf is switching with his team. Who then there is the side of the Clicks, who looks and hater amazing things. For example, he sees people who just eat a sausage. And who watches the hungry snack customers for a minute while chewing, for that is a quick clear: that’s better than any meditation subsidy! Yes, that’s even so relaxing that you prove in front of the computer.

And of course, there are also corresponding dialogues. Philosophical philosophical between a man and the snack operation, we have briefly written exactly:

Man: a cola please. Operation: coarse or small? Man: Normal.

In short: Pralle Bude’s life, the cable 1 since the beginning of the week also daily, at 17.3 pm, present in a 30-minute assembly on television. And thus succeeded according to information by Dwdlde. About half a million spectators are therefore regularly watching other potential spectators in the food. Congratulations for this epochal TV idea!

Curry 54, Palin 08 and Batmans Joker

Sarah Palin in a bikini. For real

At Palin Palin we will not pass this week. Your last coarse TV interview is now legendary, and it’s naturally perfected from Tina Fey in Saturday Night Live. A parody, over which one has also laughed at CNN, because Fey has mainly worked with quotes of Sarah Palin. Because we do not spare nothing in this context, there is now also a short film that shows Palin in 1984 at the Miss Alaska choice. Bikini!

Curry 54, Palin 08 and Batmans Joker


What the Americans Palin, is Bayern Beckstein. And so the Blog Swiss Magnifier a "Best of Gunther Beckstein" from videos, cartoons and left. Also George W. Bush has this week here his appearance with the song My Way. And that the US Prassidal election has already been decided, short now Sempson had to experience painfully.

RAF – The Game. Game the terror

For us, at the moment, a movie has a movie without hyphens in the cinema. And matching this is finally "RAF – The Game", which will be presented here. Even with Youtube you can play, albeit modest. The first pure YouTube game is called a cars’ life. Further information about zoomer is

Sylvania Light Bulbs

Now quickly a great commercial, and at the end it’s the Dark Bailout – or: What does the joker have to do with the financial crisis?

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