Critics’ out! But not always…

How the second division Alemannia Aachen deals with criticism on his homepage – an example of dealing with the online beds

At the beginning of last week, the Sportverein TSV Alemannia Aachen blocked the FanForum on his homepage. For the first glance, a sound event seemed at first glance, which a small group of fans preferred, the temporally opposing players in the stadium loudly as "Asylum" or "Asshole" scanted. Victims of the tilting were this time but others.

Some posters, so the club, had the "coarse handling" The online discussion round "exploited", "To offend or insult the official of the association. This image-damaging behavior could be on the official web site" of the Fubball Club "not lasted." For years you have already discussed in the heavily frequented forum and in the occasional rude sound over the club. And not for the first time, however, as of the ranges, the jerkiness of a responsible person.

On the Tivoli, the club stadium, named name "thick air", so the local time of the West German broadcasting. In the weeks before, it had come to sensitive defeats of the team. After the rise from the Regionalliga two years ago, the descent threatened again. In the virtual mood barometer – before one may post, you have to register officially! – Hailed it criticism.

"The nerves of the prasidium are currently blank after internal debit," wrote Guido Lausberg in the regiepals. Alemannen-Prasident Hans Bay explained against the Aachener Zeitung, you do not have to "let out of each dirt." Criticism, countered a letterwire pen in the regional press, "as well as in the past on the part of the association canceled."

Already in February it had come to an embarrassed incident in said forum. Under the login data of the Press Nutrecher Avy Scherer, there were insults against the former Wilfried Sawalies and a journalist of the Aachen news. Scherer explained later, he continued his access code, but no longer know who. The apology letter to those affected, he signed anyway and changed to a less public workstation of the association.

Also this time it had rather the appearance, parts of the Prasidium had grown the unfamiliar medium internet over his head. Bay steered and admitted that it "a mistake" was, "In John-Wayne-Manier the platform to shuffle." According to Aachener Zeitung, this action was not coordinated with all Prasidium members. Already on 19. April, the fans were allowed again "Meet in Alemannia’s virtual world."

However, a press release spread from the club is rather vague: "The reason for the retention was, among other things, that over (alleged) new obligations plans to the club for the coming season (not always with the desirable objectivity) was speculated in this forum." One "especially saw the protection of the affected personnel." For some a lazy excuse.

Guido Lausberg realized in the regular view: "Pobelies in the discussion forum can even lead to Alemannia that you get a fixed job in the executive board.". Lausberg is together with Dieter’s watching, one of the owner of the company NET WWW Service GmbH, the land of the Regiuslick (what is a newspaper?To). The Aachen Provider sponsors the Alemannen homepage and supervised them together with the voluntary webmaster Wolfgang Pomp together in 1999.

For the first time, Lausberg made a case public, who made in 1999 both at the club and the company and among the ascerted online fans for swirls. An unknown was burdening in the then quasiforum, the gaste book, pulled against the webmaster to field. Under various nicknames such as "Brigitte Lammle Hacking Crew" he had almost endless and using a program entries like "Wolfgang Pomp is shit and eats shit" or "Wolfgang goes into the crematorium!!!!!!!!" posted. Neither with the removal of such entries nor their prevention was found.

Thanks to technical skill, lengthy austerity and commissioner, you could come to the youthful poster but. He seemed seemingly confident that he responded to an email to his email address used by him – with information on his person. There was a house search by police officers, whereupon the evidence was clear. Whether the teenager elected his nickname after his role model or he wanted to give a hint, so Net www Service GmbH, never became clear. Almost at the same time, but someone under similar pseudonyms in the hostbook of the radiomodorator Brigitte Lammle stared.

"After the affected ones (not the club…) Cross-criminal charges had reimbursed against the Pobler," wrote Lausberg in his article, was ultimately "the procedure is set by the prosecutor." Alemannia himself had the adult young man, "His sign also son of one of the associations related doctor," the possibility to dissipate social hours to the club. "Because of his probably outstanding computer knowledge" he is "now employed in the executive office as a system administrator," So Lausberg. From the club tip, despite multiple request, on my part was no statement to the prompted.

Back to the current case: The Fanforum was short-term to the Internet Stammtisch. And this brought a premiere to the Tivoli before the decisive home game against the threatening descent: the action "The dirt is silent!" Bay itself have the fans "Partially degrading and stamina insults" Considered, criticized the "Small Alemannia Internet community that makes no morder pit from her black and yellow heart".

According to the sound-reformulated song "Be silence when you are aach’er", Should be about 10.000 Aachener at the first ten minutes of play. For the sports editor of the Aachener Zeitung one "Gravestille". After the protest, the fans fired their team again. Alemannia won the game with 1: 0. Despite home win, speech chores came to the coach Eugen Hach and the Prasidium for the backward.

Michael Klarmann works as a freelance journalist, u.a. even for the regiepals.

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