Crisis in venezuela: maduro rationes the electricity

Protests on Sunday in the dark. Screenshot

Increases in the supply apply to a month. Protests of appendages of the government and opposition

After repeated electricity failure in Venezuela, Prasident Nicolas Maduro has called for a rationing of the power supply. All public institutions, including schools and aggregates, should shut away from 14 o’clock, he said on Sunday in public television. The regulation should first be valid for a month. The left-directed head of state threw the opposition and the US again "Terrorist attacks" on the mains of the country before. In the past few weeks it has come in Venezuela – parallel to the inspiration of the domestic crisis – repeated heavy electricity failure. On Friday there was no electricity in Caracas and 20 of the 23 partial states. In several regions, the problems lasted on weekends.

For protests against the interruption of the power supply, it has come to violent summarized between demonstrators and safety crafts. The police drove the demonstrators on Saturday in the capital Caracas with Tranenga. Also in other parts of the country it came to protests. Government and opposition called their trends on new demonstrations in the coming week.

The Ecoanalitica Analysis Institute ames that the financial losses caused by the electricity trap in Venezuela alone in Marz caused damage of two billion US dollars. "According to Ecoanalitica, the losses and damage caused by the electric crisis in Marz are estimated at $ 2.106 billion, which corresponds to 2.5 percent of the gross domestic product", said Asdrúbal Oliveros, director of the organization, according to the government-critical daily El Nacional.

On the 7. Marz had come to the first blackout in Venezuela, who took more than 120 hours. The second massive power failure took place on 25. Marz. The Venezuelan government explained the youngest attack on the electrical system is stronger than the previous one. The causes were currently analyzed. "We examine attacks on the power supply in which the system was evidently damaged from the inside", said Maduro. The head of state fugged that the "Attack of 29. March (…) on electromagnetic elements and infiltration in (the state electric group) CorpoEelec extended".

In view of the increasing prere from the United States, the Venezuelan government is looking for new federal partners. In addition to the US and China, which have massive economic interests in the Sud American country, Turkey is ready for cooperation. The Turkic Divider Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Monday that Turkey continues to support the Government of Prasident Nicolas Maduro. "Any negative development in Venezuela will influence Latin America and the Caribbean. We will maintain our support for Venezuela and our cooperation with Venezuela", explained Cavusoglu at a press conference.

The Supreme Court Venezuelas has asked the catching assembly to pick up the immunitat of Juan Guaido. This should allow a determination, since Guaido despite a judgment on 29. January, which prohibited him unauthorized foreign trips was traveled abroad. Previously, Guaido was already from the Court of Auditors because he has received funds from abroad without explaining this, convicted to take 15 years of no political official.

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