Crimes against humanity

Crimes against humanity

That "Memorial against child abuse" in Berlin-Wuhlheide. Photo: Sandra Richter / CC-BY-4.0

Sexualized violence against children is torture. The rights of the weaker must started, pravgage and auxiliary measures are expanded and the tatter is consequently punished

The Bundestag has decided to end Marz, the Federal Council still has to agree with the Law Package: Sexualized violence against children should be classified as a crime in terms of principle and accordingly be punished accordingly harder.

The police crime statistics (PKS) of the Federal Criminal Office (BKA) for 2019 had an increase in the event of a significant increase in the event "Corona year" 2020 are not yet available.

13.670 cases are last in the area "Sexual abuse of children" been listed – here there was an increase of 10.9 percent compared to the previous year. 12.262 cases were in the area "Distribution, acquisition, possession and manufacture of children’s pornographic writings" Registered – an increase of 64.6 percent compared to the previous year.

Sexualized violence against youth at the age of 14 to 18 years is not paid here – from you were more than 2.000 According to PKS 2019 victims of rape, sexual notifications and sexual surprisons according to §§ 177 and 178 – total were the 8.525 registered victims of completed deeds of this delicate group to 93.9 percent female, the share of young people was 23.5 percent.

However, those skilled in the art are from a very high number of dark figure: the result in the "Mikado study", that about every two-day adults today became a child or youthful victim sexualized violence. On average, one to two children concerned are sitting in each class – so the debit of the independent commissioning of the Federal Government for "Questions of sexual child abuse". The taders – and also taders – come from all social layers, often from the nearby environment of those affected. Possibly, these deeds will be exhibited by overall societal failure, such as the example of the acts that have occurred for years at a campsite in the North Rhine-Westfal Lugde.

Padokriminals are internationally networked

In the category "Sexualized violence" Both indentities, masturbation before children or adolescents, sexual actions on the affected to rape, mediation of children and adolescents into prostitution, including cybersex, or child pornography. 25.911 children and adolescents were victims, of which 20.189 Madchen and 5.722 boys. 15.701 The affected goods for the Tawit young than 14 years. Listed are the trap brought to the display. That does not say anything about whether the identified suspects were convicted as guilty in court, not even if it came to a negotiation?.

And it says nothing about the actual exhaust.Especially the Internet and the associated worldwide networking offers padocriminal networks a wide range of possibilities – and anonymity. But even if – as in Lugde – the deeds take place in front of the neighborhood’s eyes, several hints in resist and police happen, happens about years – nothing happens. Because not exactly, hints are not taken seriously, files manipulated or simply closed and evidence can be determined sloppy or even depending on police departments.

According to the organization "Innocence in Danger" was even every or every seventh to eighth adults in Germany in childhood or youth victims of sexualized violence. 75 percent of the trap will take place in the narrowest family or acquaintance group of those affected; In 82 percent of the trap, parents or close to participants are.

According to the Mikado study (abuse of children, aetiology, dark field, victims), the rate of those affected is at an average of 8.5 percent – 11.6 percent in women and 5.1 percent in manners. The average age in which for the first time was experienced sexualized violence was 9.5 years. At the study, in the frame 28.000 adults and more than 2.000 children and adolescents participated, scientists were university clinicum Hamburg-Eppendorf, the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitat Bonn, the Technical University of Dresden, the University Clinicum Ulm and the Åbo Academi University of Turku / Finland and various victim protection associations involved.

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