Covid-19: new business field for rust companies

COVID-19: New business field for rust companies

Image: Rafael Defense Systems

In Israel, new control techniques are developed for automatic parts of the body temperature to implement access barriers for loading, workstation, public transport, events

Allegedly, more than 12 billion facial masks are necessary in Germany when all people are working, shopping and busing. The Minister of Economic Minister Altmaier Unlangst said, after Chancellor Merkel wearing respiratory protective masks "urgently" Recommended, during Saxony and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern had already prescribed a mask obligation when using public transport and in Saxony for farms. Bayern now follows with a masking forces when entering public transport and business.

By the way, how a relaxation should look at restaurants, will be interesting, since at least the guests can not wear masks and it can hardly be sociable if a distance of two meters should be maintained. Had to come to a degree of alcohol besides? Maybe you had to divide restaurants to separate the individual tables through their arms, how the occasional is practiced in Chinese restaurants.

In addition to respiratory protective masks, gloves, protective additives, PCR and anti-body tests, respiratory apparatus etc. Used many other techniques and products in the corona crisis and drove to new businesses and profits, but also to a new mull flood, when billions of masks and gloves are thrown away, as well as a threading disinfection of the body and space.

Much ambition is also designed to develop new techniques for identifying corona infected. Dogs are trained or developed KI programs that should recognize a disease from the cough or voice. There are new means of monitoring, which tracks and identify the movement of people and their contacts in the city’s luckless.

"Everyone will succeed with temperature quantities in the future"

Other Landers also focus on masks on temperature measurement to pitch people with fever, the possible corona danger of being, or to deny access to countries, bads or rooms. Normally, related infrared gates are used, with which the body temperature of each person who wants to enter such a business must be measured individually from the nearby. In Israel, customers who want to enter a shop must now be measured or at employees who go into the working space, the body temperature. This is complicated and requires personnel. In China, robots are already used for this.

Israeli rural companies see new profitability here and try to automate the elaborate process and exercise from afar. The technique becomes so Times of Israel, in "Speed of Light" developed because the crucial parts already exist. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, a coarse rating corporation in Israel, has developed a hot camera that measures the body temperature of the people who go through a tur, and the values ies the security personnel. This allows the temperature of each person to be measured individually in a group. As a result, goods are conceivable that people with increased temperature are denied access to a lock when the temperature measurement takes place with face recognition. Problem then could only be when people are puffed with respiratory protective masks.

So Matan Melamed of Iron-Drone says that you can not produce masks and no ventilation gates, but you know how hot creature cameras work. In two days a prototype for a temperature measuring device (thermogate) has developed and tested it in a supermarket. In two weeks, shops and workplaces were equipped. In half a second, the temperature was measured to assign humans to humans or red light. And he hopes that the temperature control will remain after the Conoravirus pandemic: "Everyone will succeed with temperature quantities in the future." Employers were able to see this as a possibility to see if the employees are healthy. "We believe it will be the new standard in supermarkets, malls, bus stations, stadiums, theaters. Everyone will need that."

If you still add data from Fitnessarmbands and Smartwatches to the temperature measurement as with the RKI app "Corona data donation", then not only potential hazards are discharged, but also people with striking vitality signs that are ill, disease or otherwise ruthless.

The perspective that the control techniques developed and used during the Coronavirus pandemic will remain, is probably realistic. We will be back without breathing masks and plastic gloves and also forget the spacer rule, but the techniques were allowed to stay. You never wife yes. And the hygiene of the company already has a long history of the evaporation of parasites and males or those who are considered as such and are destroyed or disinfected by themselves.

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