Corona for the church

Corona for the church

Thank you, Corona! The life of the Brian Point to show does not work out of the church does not work.

In Koln you can hardly escape from the church. There are appointment at the district court. Is the right?

Many people consider in Koln – as nationwide – the membership in the coarse religious communities to end. In the diocese of the archdiocese of Koln, the above all concerns the scandal-shattered Catholic church. But at a rapid exit is currently not thinking. There is an appointment at the state-like Kolner district court. The next church exit dates are only available in June 2021.

According to the press term of the district court Koln, Richter Maurits Steinebach, the outlet figures are recognized quarterly. Entry deadline is the 15. The following month. "Therefore, I can not tell you no number for the current quarter", so stonebach on Telepolis-inquiry. However, he made preliminary evaluations for the months of January and February. These are January 880 and February 1.005 emissions result.

Since summer last year, so steinebach continue, "Can be explained to infectious protection only after prior appointment. We use an online booking system". Initially, 600 to 650 dates were offered per month, at the end of January you have a first increase on around 1.000 appointments per month. "A second increase took place at the end of February now about 1.500 dates per month. The appointments are activated at the beginning of the month and are currently fully booked", so steinebach continue.

Exit costs 30 euros

Since 2006, a church exit is also subject to admirable. Leaving the church costs 30 euros. An extent complaint against this scheme did not accept the Federal Cancer Court for Decision.1.

Regardless of the bonds, the question arises as to whether the currently long waiting times are right. In paragraph 4.2 of the church exit law for North Rhine-Westphalia, the exemption clarification will be effective with the expiration of the day in which the transcript of the exit clarification has been signed or where the written explanation in the district court has entered into.

If the question arises as to whether the transfer of the district court prevents immediate exit and someone who liked or who actually had to exit immediately, thus having to wait until June 2021. And what impact does this for church tax? For tax liability, in the church exit law NRW, its end will control the law on the survey against church taxes in the land of North Rhine-Westphalia in the applicable catch.

If you read there, it is called, the church tax liability end "In the case of a church exit at the end of the applicable state regulations, with the expiry of the calendar month in which the explanation of the church exit has become effective".

Re-demand at the press office. The written resignation would be independent of further processing with the expiration of the day take effect on which the declaration in the court has been received, it is called in the answer. The the "written exit" But necessary a certified form. "On this way is a very short-term resignation possible", so the jurist.

"As mentioned earlier, we have changed in terms of pandemielage since last summer for the macaway outrides on an appointment system. It has not come to superfilled waiting areas since then. With regard to the persistently high demand, unfortunately, waiting times for an appointment must be accepted", Nevertheless it is in the answer that relates to a decision of the Federal Scaled Court.

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