Corona: affected are not just the infected

Corona: Affected are not just the infected

Beijing (photographed on 26.01.2020). Photo: x. Wang

"In fact, the train stopped in Wuhan, the place of Apocalypse." Report on the experiences with a short journey to China and the juvenity

On the 30th.12.In 2019, we flew to Zhuhai, a Chinese undercut small town in Guangdong Province near Hong Kong. My husband should be there from official grounds for about. Be 6 weeks tatig. My plan was to use the remaining parental leave for this period so that we could escape the wet-cold and dark Northern European winter together with our daughter.

The first time we hoard the new coronavirus in a Hong Konger news station. However, to our amazement, the messages were permanently interrupted by advertising – as we learned later, the switching of advertising from the mainland is done if the messages are to be withheld to the mainland audience.

So it remained for us with sophisticated news of news. Remembered are scenes at the station or. Airport Wuhans. People with mouthguard. I was optimistic, maybe something naive and thought it was about a disease wave written on Wuhan – the news will certainly disappear from the media soon. In Zhuhai we are up to the 18th. January.

During this time, there was nothing of the coronavirus, unless one moved to the Hong Kong news – with the said problem of censorship by advertising. I know the tense relationship between Hong Kong and mainland China, so I was still the conviction that it was a case of black painting on the part of Hong Konger. That a coarse has made a coarse topic from a minority.

To travel around the Chinese New Year, we wanted to travel a bit, as in this time a coarse part of the companies are leaving and the workforce home to their families ride. The plan was to spend a week in Yangshuo, in the neighboring province of Guangxi. Achieving the holidays to my family go to Beijing before my husband was returned to Zhuhai again. The journey from Zhuhai to Yangshuo went, surprisingly, very smooth.

No trace of crowds that do everything else, with bus or train to come home to their families. It was comparatively empty, even in the allegedly booked train, where we only got on cards for standing sites, we found seats that had remained free. The hotel in Yangshuo was roughly, clean and modern, but had little guest at this season. Like other tourists, we also visited the observations.

Except for the wet-cold weather, it was a completely usual and carefree holiday. Continued completely unused by the bad news from the northern province Hubei, which should seek us soon. Two days before departure to Beijing, I learned from Ausschinese in Norway, who collected protective clothing and money for Wuhan. I found the initiative absurd – in my eyes China was an economically strong country – aid did not seem notow.

However, the situation escalated in the hourly rhythm. Sudden was also in Yangshuo, a small district with Ca. 300.000 inhabitants, the subject prasent. The mouthguard, which is no longer indispensable from the Chinese Offeness, was always more common to see. One day before our departure from Yangshuo, the 23. January, also decided to get both mouthguard and disinfectant for our train journey to Beijing.

The journey into the unknown

Our train was the next day on Wuhan. Already at this time it was hard to come to surgical masks, but disinfectants were still abundantly available. We spent only about 14 euros (100 yuan) for 20 disposable masks. We did not know that the last time it was been that we were seen surgical masks in free sale – just like disinfectant. On the day of our departure, a starting lock for the city of Wuhan had been worn.

Information about the latest developments we were now also from state media. Something nervous made us the journey into the unknown. The wagon of our train was spooky empty – we shared the car with about three other passengers. In fact, the train stopped in Wuhan, the place of Apocalypse. In the order staff, the platforms were completely empty. One of China’s large transport hubs, Wuhan, had become a ghost town in the truest sense of the word.

With the rapid increase in the relevant numbers infected, the fear and panic of people took from day to day. In Beijing all planned New Year meetings of my coarse family were painted in restaurants as well as in the field of domestic area. Public facilities such as Z.B. Cinemas, parks, museums and holiday courses were closed or canceled. Many small straps were locked; Fubgangers were repeatedly pointed out to go home. Suddenly red banners appeared on.

The tenor was that the virus was defeated with discipline and unity. In the social media (Weibo and Wechat) there was a short time to violent allegations against the government organs; Pictures of barricaded treatments and houses made the round. So long until the glosser of order took an end to the wild jug. The articles and comments were with "forbidden content" marked and laughed. At the same time, all sorts of conspiracy theories and it dived Krude proposals on how to get the virus with home remedies.

Back to Berlin

The company of my husband asked him to pay back as soon as possible, the protection of the employees is no longer guaranteed. The also stood in the room that the WHO could exclude an international emergency and airlines were subsequently deleted their flights. It came on the other way around. On the 5th. February, after we had a isolated everyday life for 7 days in Beijing, it was back to Berlin. There were hardly any passengers on board, the food was Mies, it fell like the escape from a bad end-time film. We were part of the last curse shaft from the country of the center.

Back in Germany, I first thought it was over with the panic, the fear, the exclusion. However, I also exchanged myself this time. Since I did not know what to pay attention from China in Germany, I called the Corona hotline on the second day after our return. After a very nice conversation, in which basic questions were closed, I got the answer that backcomers who are not held in Wuhan / Hubei have no contact to infected persons as well as no complaints, from the next day can work immediately.

I forwarded this information to my employer, a state institution in Berlin. My employer agreed to a speedy return, my bureaucers and colleagues unfortunately not. My supervisor could or did not want to contradict the strong protest on the part of my colleagues, so he shared me on the phone with that he was no longer accepted the ruckigration of the holidays requested by me in December due to my hired return.

That’s why I had to stay on vacation. If I wanted to get back the holidays, I had to submit a sick leave. Sick leave without being sick. Back in Germany but continues to be isolated and excluded.

Sad and pouting I was locked back home and I never knew what I should do – the feeling of absolute empty mercant. Every morning I turn on my mobile phone and see the rising numbers in Wuhan / Hubei and in other provinces. I think of my parents, to my relatives whose everyday life is not strongly influreed because of the virus itself, but because of the radical macers. And they represent only one non-measurable part of China’s population whose movements are massively impred by the pravention measures.

Such facts and the fact that the coarse part of the disaster explores in Wuhan, many people in Germany are obviously not aware. It is permanently spoken of the dissemination of the virus, by Quarteraine and the danger of a global epidemic. Whole China is a risk, you do not dare to open packages from China.

"Worried" Burgers speak against globalization and entry of Chinese. The coronavirus does, it seems to feed a subliminal and irrational fear. By doing so, it is not even aware that such a way of thinking is simply discriminatory, if not racist is.

Before Wuhan was blocked, CA could. 5 million people leave the city. That was about a third of the total number of people. Many are flooded, for fear and panic. Just like those who went as fast as fast, China fall in love. In China, people from Hubei are nowhere welcome, as they are immediately branded as a potential virus carrier.


Chinese, regardless of where they come from, are not welcome abroad, as China "contaminated" Land is. I wonder if this logic is not also aiberish, if it was seen, the entire earthbubbereck as a potential danger, independently of which country or continent has an individual.

Who escapes, rather than staying on site, is scrolled. The morale is questioned, the aligned action irresponsible and selfish. However, someone asks for damage, not least to the economic, which is less due to the virus than rather due to irrational actions that have their origins in fear and panic. Who is supposed to pay for it?

The destitute migrant worker who can no longer open in Beijing due to strict quartaine policy because he comes from Hubei? People like me who are healthy, but no longer to work because they were the other day in China? Employees who were dismissed because their companies have to reduce staff due to the multiply-long trouble-time? Chinese students who lose their study place abroad as they no longer enter? Scientists and managers who are no longer invited abroad?

With the further breakout of the virus in Sudkorea and Italy, the questions are becoming ever more advanced: How strong must be and can be precautions? How much is necessary and how much can our global trade be closely crosslinked world? Only to clarify it: I’m not about to cancel any precautions that a distribution of the virus.

Pravention is important and correct. However, what is still ignored in our society is that many people are currently both in China and Germany "Protective measures" and exclusion are affected, which never stood in contact with coronavirus.

It is highest time not only to put the focus on the virus itself, but also on the resulting collateral damage; on individuals who were not physically and emotionally violated by the disaster and their supposed pravention.

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