Consumption fraud: billions loss at mitsubishi

Consumption fraud: billions loss at mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Motors calculates after the scandal about manipulated consumption values with a billion loss. As Mitsubishi reports today, in the current business year (to the end of Marz), a net loss of 145 billion yen (currently almost 1.3 billion euros) will be available, after a plus of 72.6 billion yen in the previous year. It was the first red numbers at Mitsubishi for eight years.

The scandal is about minors for the Japanese market. In doing so, for youngest information, far more models are affected than first thought. As the Group announced in the week ago, manipulations were made to 20 models sold in the past ten years.

Mitsubishi had stood in April, unauthorized test methods used and used in some cases data, without carrying out tests. But initially of only four models was speech – two of these models built for Nissan engine.

Such microscopes have a displacement up to 660 cubic centimeters and are tax-enhanced in Japan. Because of the scandal, Prasident Tetsuro Aikawa wants at the Annual General Meeting on the 24. Take his hat. The Renault partner Nissan has meanwhile announced to take Mitsubishi Motors under his roof.

Also in the operating business, it does not run around for Mitsubishi: For the current business year, an operational profit of only 25 billion yen is predicted, a slump of around 82 percent to the previous year. Mitsubishi expects a turnover of 16 percent to 1.9 trillion yen.

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