Construction kit to the stens of satellite signals

The US Air Force warns that with cheap means and information from the Internet can also be satellites of the militar states

The US Air Force has, as New Scientist reports, has set up a unity that should look for security by satellite communication and navigation systems. the "Space Aggressor Squadron" undelegantly found that signals from satellites can be easily made by cheap means and instructions from the Internet.

Construction kit to the stens of satellite signals

"We have performed a search on the net and found that there is a lot of information here, how to build and operate satellites, but unfortunately, as you can stals. You just have to enter ‘Satellite Communications Jamming’ and will be amazed how many denominations", Tell Tim Marceau, the head of unity.

To check if there is really something to start, Marceau had applied two engineers to build a stork system only through the use of an internet connection and what they can buy with cash,. For after all, the engineers were able to construct a mobile storing transmitter with which satellite antennas or military UHF receivers (ultra-high frequency) loves states. You just have to put your radio louder, said Marceau.

The storage system consists of a power generator, which is operated with gasoline, made of wooden parts, plastic and copper pipes. The electronic parts for noise generation could be purchased in a business for electronic fans. The antennas were formed from the plastic pipes wrapped with copper wire. But that does not quite so small device can be transported on a pick-up. Other components could also be used other frequencies, as used, for example, by the Global Positioning System.

John Pike from the Federation of American Scientists means that although GPS receptionist can be easily gone, if you put a few hours of work in the construction of storsters, but he does not really believe that such self-fabricated channels are really high frequency satellites.

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