Competence allangers disabled investigations in the nsu murder series

With its own Doner stand, the police wanted to attract criminal Turken

That the right-wing extreme terrorist group "National Socialist Underground" For years of murdering crossed across the Federal Republic, there is apparently also on the competence small little condition between the investigation compositions. The power of the Bundestag on the NSU Bundestag becomes more clearly. The investigators were always creative when it was about to search for possible fans in the area of organized foreign crime. Even a separate Donerbude put them as honey pot on his legs. Meanwhile, the Bavarian ex-interior minister Gunther Beckstein (CSU) and his colleague at the federal level, Wolfgang SchaBle (CDU), under prere. Maybe they have prevented that it came to centralize the investigation into the Federal Criminal Police Office.

But even with the Federal Criminal Police Office for a long time, the nationwide meaning of the murder series was seen, such as BKA criminal director Christian Hoppe exported before the Inquiry Committee. Only with the 8. and 9. Murder in Dortmund and Kassel in 2006 had become aware of having had to do it with a nationwide murder series. Until then he was amed by a Bavarian case. After the murders of Dortmund and Kassel, the BKA became active, wanted to pull the case per se. But these attempts remained unsuccessful, as Hoppe described.

Because the federal standards refused to give the case out of hand and concentrate the investigative competences at the BKA. The Federal Criminal Police Office, in its opinion, should disregard themselves to identify the origin of the murder weapon and to accomplish according to possible rear managers in the field of organized criminality. The Soko Bosphorus should pursue the so-called single duty theory, which is why the BKA Hoppe did not continue to work with a possible right-wing extremist background. This has been seen by the Federal Criminal Police Office as a task that falls into the area of the Soko Bosporus and therefore trusts that that was already done there. For really important, this approach was not considered anyway. Petra Pau held the criminal director a marginal note, which the BKA had made an article in the world in which it was concluded to determine the muse in the direction of right-wing extremist taders. "Coffee race reading", had the civil servants noted next to this passage.

In the Soko Bosporus, however, investigations in the right-wing extreme milieu were not the focus. Always be amed there from crimes in the field of organized foreign crime, as Wolfgang beer, the head of Soko Bosporus had already had a premises in a more early meeting of the Investigation Committee.

In order to investigate, the police opened his own snack bood for half a year. A police Doner shop, operated by a V-man, should attract suppliers with connections to criminal milieu. In order to get appropriate instructions, the State Snack Bude exchanged even payment difficulties and systematically paid supplier invoices. The Ombudswoman of the NSU victims, Barbara John, can only shake the head on such a procedure. "So the police have imagined that if the Doner man does not pay, the Turkish supplier comes and bangs him", Commented the new findings on the police investigation. In addition, the police will send a journalist investigator under the migrants. That was not successful, but to a rethink that did not lead to those responsible for those responsible.

The cooperation has "not preserved"

In addition, serious agreements between the investigators of the Lander and the BKA seem to have never been given. He always had the feelings, the Landerbehaben had never considered the murder series as a case, so Hoppe. At no time did it have given a service that had had the say overall, said the criminal director. The solution to distribute the tasks to different countries and the BKA is not from his point of view "The most optimal" been.

Again and again, the members of the Investigating Committee emphasize files that prove, as discloses Hoppe with the cooperation in particular with the Soko Bosphorus. The experiences with Bosphorus are "not just positive", Since arrangements were not complied with, it is said, among other things. After a year of cooperation, Hoppe summarizes cooperation with the words in a note, this has "not preserved". Wolfgang Wieland (Grune) can not believe that the BKA has not turned on the General Federal Lawyer in such a situation. This had to make the investigative public prosecutor’s office, so hoppes dry answer.

Competencewirrwarwar between the federal and landing, paired with service by regulation and glazing in the case of investigations in the direction of foreign-tonic offenses, together for the failure of the investigation seems responsible. Added to this is the egoism to do not want to transfer any skills to someone else. A file distribution from the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior is shown that it is there as "Declaration of war" Understood, the investigation work had been transferred to the BKA.

Not competence, but local vanity seems to have guided the actions. Among other things, in two weeks Gunther Beckstein before the inquiry committee. The SPD is committed to the fact that its interrogation will transfer live to Phoenix. Beckstein still has to agree with that. If he gives grunes light, still had to agree with the investigative committee with two-thirds majority – which was allowed to be a form matter, after all, almost all parties have already signaled to admire the transfer. Only in the Union there is still voting needs.

With Wolfgang Schauble, another former Minister of the Interior is to be loaded. In his competence, it had led to transfer the investigations without the consent of the Lander to the BKA. Corresponding requests, according to the Federal Criminal Police Office Hoppe, said several times, without having come to a reaction from Berlin. Rather, the Interior Minister Conference had decided at the end – and rejected the well-founded desire.

The insights into the NSU investigations drove part of the party to the striking that the structures in cooperation between the individual investigations are urgently reformed. But all sides must be ready to give competences in case of emergency. The upcoming survey of Gunther Beckstein could show the extent that this realization is also matured in the actors themselves.

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