Civil gelandanger: first pictures of mercedes glk

Civil gelandanger: first pictures of mercedes glk

Stuttgart / Detroit (USA), 3. January 2008 – Hardly a manufacturer wants to allow yourself to leave the segment of the small SUV unoccupied. So the Mercedes GLK has been hurried by the media for some time now. As explained, he was already spotted and one knows him as the coming, small SUV of Mercedes, which builds on the new C-Class. On the Detroit Motor Show (19. to 27. January 2008) celebrates the car as a serial study Vision GLK Freeside his world premiere. With 4.52 meters long, the GLK 26 centimeter is short than the M-Class. He can thus compete well against the successful BMW X3, which is only a five centimeter long.

Design: Much SUV and a little limousine

In the case of the letter combination GLK, "G" gives an indication of the edgy originator of the Mercedes offroader, "L" reprinted luxury and "K" stands for compactness. The design reflects this synthesis. So the headlights are much more edged therefore than the roundish C-class, but also as the M-Class. The rest of the body looks even more square than the gross brother. The car has briefly overhange, which benefits him in the bale by favorable cargo angles. Also off-road typical are the steeply rising windscreen and the vertical front line. To the off-road elements but also limousine features like the ascending side line that gives the car dynamic. Good for the rightness in city traffic is the slim roof poles.

Interior with lots of black and white contrast

In the interior, the design tense between off-road and limousine world should continue. The dashboard with a wide instrument field emphasizes the horizontal – a reminiscence to the interior of offroader. Also the box-like center console with the likewise rectangular glare attachment for the COMAND-APS display reminiscent of floor-standing railaries. Otherwise, the interior looks as fine as it is used by many Mercedes limousines. Striking is the dark wooden strip whose black grain removes from zebras away.

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