Civil engineer from kentucky can be locked

… as homosexual marriage documents

Kimberly Davis is a 49-year-old municipal electoral officer from Rowan County in Kentucky, which currently gets so much attention in US media as otherwise only Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus or Nicki Minaj. That’s because they persistently refuses to documents for those on the 26th. June from the Supreme Court of the USA nationwide allowed to exhibit lending.

That alone already brought her the first headlines. They were more than they rejected a compromise offer of their employer, with which they should commit themselves in return for childbirth from the personal stake, not to obstruct the exhibition of marriage documents for homosexual couples through five subordinated workforce. Your lawyer Mat Staver cheered out that Davis’ was called on the documents. Also, that could not make the wife who had become the tested apostolic Christin before four and a half years ago with their conscience: their idea had allowed them to do something that God prohibits.

Because Davis is a civil servant elected by the Burgern, she can not just be dismissed. Therefore, one tried to bring them to several court decisions to exhibit homosexual couples marriage documents: so far always with legal, but just without practical success. Due to Davis’s existential refusal to follow the instructions of the courts, district judge David Bunning ordained manifestly yesterday: the woman, the 17. September is 50 years old, should remain in the prison for so long until you submit the Supreme Court decision of June. In the meantime, FUNF of their subordinated marriage documents for homosexual couples exhibit without their consent.

Civil engineer from Kentucky can be locked

Kimberly Davis. Photo: Carter County Detention Center

All this makes the civil servant to the Martyrfer for Christian opponents of Homo-Marriage. They demonstrate and collect money for Davis – which judge Bunning calls as a fundamentation why he behaved instead of the properly not the Bubgelder proposed by the Burger Rights Organization ACLU: in his view, not to be paid by Davis, but by her fans.

The official has not only donated appendants, but also fanatic opponents: some "Activists", The a few years ago still preached tolerance, do not want to know about it since they see themselves on the longest hegemonic lever: they can not only be snapped over the three failed marriages of the deviator, but also send them insults and death threats.

Although Kimberly Davis was approaching and champing in November as a candidate of Democrats, many of their fecrots from the Republican Party come: The Prasident Candidate Ted Cruz supported by the Tea Party said it was the first time in the history of the United States that a Christian will be imprisoned because they live their faith. His evangelical competitor Mike Huckabee criticized the detention for Kim Davis "Each doubt eliminates that Christianity is criminalized in the United States". The court decision undermines his view and the right to religious freedom.

Somewhat, but also in favor of the detainees, Bobby Jindal and Rand Paul, Bobby Jindal and Rand Paul: The Libertar candidate was concerned that it would cause the baffles of homosexual marriages in the long term if they force Christians against their faiths to give them marriage documents exhibit. The remedy their position only and drove that some area corporations no longer offer that – not for heterosexual couples. He therefore suggests that instead of Davis’ a notary without conscience conflict signs the documents.

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