Chrysi avgi classified as a criminal organization!

Chrysi Avgi classified as a criminal organization!

Party leader Nikos Michaloliakos is made in handcuffs. Image: w. Aswestopoulos

Party footprint of the Nazi party in handcuffs

Suddenly everything went very fast. On Saturday morning at 7 o’clock the anti-terror police rang in the northern, quite noble Athenian suburb Pefki at the home tour. Party leader Nikos Michaloliakos opened in the sleeping suit Personal the Tur. "What do you want?" These are the words of the General Secretar of the Golden Morgenrote (Chrysi Avgi). "Criminal Police – Antiertroreness. you are under arrest. Drag yourself and come with", Was there known answers from television crime.

Thus, a duckwurrate Saturday started almost the complete party prominence of the Chrysi Avgi in handcuffs was displayed. 10 murders or murder attempts, protection, bombing, racist surprise as well as numerous other crimes to the invoice in a bank robbery are in the indictment. The presented investigation catalog is enough until 1987.

Arrests at the right time

Why now? Since the murder of the musician Pavlos Fyssas Greece does not appear like before. It may have played a role that with Fyssas for the first time a Greek murder victim of the young racist story. Alone the xenophobic racism could not give the rash, because this was already the topic of established policy operation (illegal immigration becomes the Reiberian campaign topic).

Chrysi Avgi classified as a criminal organization!

Before the Buro of the public prosecutor’s office Athens. Image: w. Aswestopoulos

Failos Cranidiotis, according to its own, never-demented, a close friend of the Prime Minister Antonis Samaras Prime Minister, had suggested even in the election campaign in 2012, to mark immigrants permanently by tatters (Greece: Marks immigrants permanently!To). Even the fact that party spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris made clear from ongoing cameras, understanding under a political dialogue (Greece: Tempo towards Weimar behavior did not seem to alert the criminal forms of the country.

The party statute of the "Volkish connection golden morning red", like the political party in demarcation to the publisher "Golden morning glow" Officially the case has been known for a long time. From the periodic "Golden morning glow" emerged, the party had given rules which those of the model party, the NSDAP in nothing in progress . A tight, military organization, the fufer principle of unconditional obedience as well "blood and Honor" were well known both the Supreme Court, the Areopag, as well as the entire policy.

The Horst-Wessel-Song serves as a party song of the association, which refuses to accept the term Nazi. Rather, it insists on being nationalist socialist. Where exactly the difference between Nazi or nationalist socialist, within the period since the parliament of parlue in May 2012, could not be clarified. Nevertheless, the state court, the Areopag. the party as a non-privy grouping to election and thus gave her a democratic legitimacy.

Already in 1998 there had been a bloody attack on a Greek. Dimitris Kousouris was able to survive the life-time injuries at that time. In the prison, Perianros wandered androutsopoulos, the then party vice of the Chrysi Avgi. Although Andrutsopoulos did not attend the whole of fault in court, he did not betray anyone. After his adhesion, he became a talkman and merged that he was brought the entire party footing behind lattice when he was opened his mouth. Extended from his former "Collide", How the party members call themselves with each other, androutsopoulos now has its own movement.

Maybe the established policy was frightened whether the steadily rising survey values of the Chysi Avgi. Maybe it may also have played a role that Greece is now in front of a third rescue package. In short, it apparently fit this time with a ban on the long-term violence, racist duct and receptionist known party. However, party bans in Greece are not possible in fact possible. Instead, the government adopted the detour via the classification of the Chrysi Avgi as a criminal organization.

Chrysi Avgi classified as a criminal organization!

The deputy Nikos Michos behind bars at the prosecutor. Image: w. Aswestopoulos

This legal trick allows, even without repealing any immunitaire party members and deputies to arrest. Burger Protection Minister Nikos Dendias had submitted a request for the AREOPAG a request. Dendias joined the cameras on Saturday night and emphasized that he was not allowed any legislative provisions. Rather, it always emphasized that he was not bustle to the bustle of the Chrysi Avgi.

The legal basis

The Classification of the Party as a criminal organization gives the prosecutor’s funds in hand, all party members, sympathizers or their relevant to surprise. It was announced over the past week that in the area of the port city of Piraus already before the murder of Fyssa’s entire phones were monitored in a grid investigation. Anyone involved in a criminal organization in the planning and execution of simple crimes threatens a minimum penalty of ten years imprisonment. Membership in a criminal organization allows the immediate arrest and the conviction against a quick court after Greek law.

If, in addition, there will be further legislation with higher penalties, these are naturally added. Today, five MPs were arrested, with five more party members, sympathizers, a policeman and a police officer. The police officer should have helped. He was present at the murder of Fyssas. The policewoman gave warnings to party members via telephone. She informed the party about ongoing investigations. In the case of a house search, the investigators found a true arms arsenal. However, you had to look for the house yourself before. The official had filed a wrong home at her employer.

Among the arrested deputies in addition to Party Watchers Nikos Michaloliakos of the Press Review of the Party, Ilias Kasidiaris, Ilias Panagiertaros, the deputy of Piraus, Giannis Lagos, and Nikos Michas. In Lagos Local ruler is Keratsini, where Pavlos Fyssas was murdered by Giogos Roubakias. Roubakias, which no one in the party might know more, was called before and after the murder of telephone calls of the Chrysi Avgi.

Chrysi Avgi classified as a criminal organization!

Two arrested women – one is a policewoman. W. Aswestopoulos

Another Member of Parliament, Christos Pappas, is still cursive. He gave Greek radio enders interviews, but hold hidden. Pappas also called the anti-terrority of the police. There he promised to face, but did not true so far.

Regardless of this arrest wave, members of the party are arrested throughout the country for various legislative reports. So it caught in Loutsa, a seaside resort near Athens, three members who were noticeable with illegal weapons .

Greek court practice

Before the Buro of the public prosecutor’s office Athens, a lawyer of two arrested suspects completed the procedure. One of his clients was arrested because he carried a telephone call on the day of the murder shortly before the act with a member of the Chrysi Avgi. The accused man is by no means a member of the party after the lawyer is not a member of the party, but a youth friend and direct neighbor of an involved party member.

The second client has a somewhat more difficult starting position. He is looking to the after statement of the lawyer 250.000 Registered members or friends of the party. Almost an hour before the murder attack he was contacted by phone from the party. He ordered him to the later crime scene, because "There is a problem". "Your problem is not my problem", wants the current adhesive institution to answer the caller. However, the investigative judge doubt not soften. All the on Saturday was first spent in the Athenian police president. There followed the full-service investigations. In the meantime, the hall was blocked in the parliamentary building in which the Buros of the party. Then it went at 19 clock to the public prosecutor of the district of Athens and from there to the investigative judge.

There everyone was read a personalized indictment. As in Greece very often ubroad, the defendants asked for their defense for their defense. On Tuesday and Wednesday you have to ask yourself again to the investigative magistrate. An interesting side aspect of the investigation is that party leader Nikos Michaloliakos Love the party accounts on their own name. On his arrest on Saturday morning he had more than 41.000 Euro cash in the house.

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