China’s reached for the german electricity

Chinese corporations have only German machines and then the machine builders and their know-how bought. Now follows the Chinese interest in German infrastructure

The Chinese interest stobs in this country on open ears, as in the consequence of the energy transition, in the now necessary network expansion, crispy crank and network operators are looking for a capital injection. Due to the regulation by the Federal Network Agency, the capital returns achievable in German network operations have so far only in the single-digit percentage range. For investors with know-how in the energy sector, the peanut (compared to the raw materials of up to 30% and the remarkable earnings in electricity trade) are. Also, the idea of collecting parts of the needed capital at Burgern who live in the near a planned network road does not seem to be attracted to particularly coarse interest.

For 2002 founded State Energy Group State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), which was omitted as a network operator from the State Power Corporation of China, and its daughter State Grid International Development Ltd. Seems the German market of interest. Last but not least, a commitment in Germany in the next few years was allowed to promise a higher return than the Chinese home market. The Group already has foreign experts in Brazil (via the State Grid Brazil Holding SA), Portugal (with a 25% share in the Redes Energeticas Nacionais SGPS, S.A.) and gain numerous other participations.

In the list of Fortune Global 500, SGCC has been ranked seven since 2011. Since the Group already supplies almost 90% of the state area in China, there are hardly any possible opportunities for growth in the home market, which exceeds the general economic growth of the country. With its 20% share in China Guangfa Bank, one expanded a few years after corporate primary in the banking area.

Instead of investing in US government bonds, the Chinese government is now evidenced by investments in foreign infrastructure. In Portugal, the power generator China Three Gorges Corporation has now been purchased from another Chinese energy group. The object of desire was in this case the Energias de Portugal (EDP) and its daughter EDP Renovaveis.

In connection with the expiration of the supply concession in Berlin and the network purchasing ambitions in Hamburg, which gave the network operation in Germany to the Swedish Vattenfall Group, this was registered with interest as part of a conference participation in Berlin for the Berlin network with interest. Whether State Grid ultimately offers for the Berlin electricity network, however, seems to be open.

In Berlin’s daily mirror, industry insiders were colported that the views represented, the Chinese state company had only applied to an operator "Talk to expertise" be able to. However, the expertise in the field of German network operations was to increase state grid in the past through cooperation with the German state company for International Cooperation (GIZ) in Eschborn. In Frankfurt, State Grid has also placed a local German Buro and, as the law firm reports from Westphalen, also returned to investments in Africa for legal advice from Germany.

How to reduce network costing, Chinese companies have been in the field of helvetic telecommunications networks for some time. Instead of taking a lot of money Swiss employees, they had obviously started to fly to Chinese professionals who had no work permit for Switzerland. The fact that the costs for a network expansion can be reduced in this way, it was allowed to be a question.

Even though State Grid should not agree with the electricity grid provided for in Berlin for the coming year in Berlin, it is to be able to prevent the introduction of Chinese investors into the German energy infrastructure in the medium term in the medium term. In contrast to earlier years, the highly indebted German electrician companies no longer have the necessary financial resources to master the challenges of the energy transition alone.

China, on the other hand, is sitting on tremendous amounts of foreign exchange and search for new investment points outside the USA. Thus, a Chinese grip after the German network infrastructure is quite a logical step, which may seem to follow steps in the power plant area, which also seems to be for disposition in some power suppliers. The politically required realization of the Smart Grids Open Additional Business Fields for Chinese providers.

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