Children and children’s costs – once seriously considered!

Children and children's costs - once seriously considered!

What costs are children parents, the state and the environment?

Family, so with a familiar partner to have children, is still a gross yearning room of people, even if in the coarse dates of the Western world or in the wagten Far East, the majority of households are singlehouses. This longing for strong binding and probably the mythical promise that with the child remains a bit of a something, often causes a one-dimensional affective interpretation of children. They are simply valuable – but still a strange "EGO project"? Highest time, here with anchern, Kuhler’s oconomic perspective to look.

Right of all Ocer, and mostly from Surfinity, politicians, journalists and demographers, in militars and the economic elites are happy to play other reasons, over population growth. Although there is no prere on the individual people to put children in the world – so much individualism may be today – but many want to have a child or two, three children – and that is also required with rhetorically official effort.

There must be a lot of money and time in the hands to pull up children today. Twenty years of intense education. Socialization and meet costs are necessary for a reasonably functioning integration. Who does not see that, is just naive.

Human lives obedient the state?

Let’s start before we seriously commit ourselves with the children in a society and the costs that causes the decision for a child, some of them with the opposite – the freight. The expression "Suicide", which tabuilt this decision to their own end, it prints this linguistically quite a dietary. The suicarder takes himself to his community, he had called the folk community, but today one is there more "Anti", So we say: his state community, easy and without permission.

He is not allowed to do that, although the suicide today is no longer, auber for an even helper, is punishable. A Harscher collectivism here prevails: Not the individual has a right to his life, but the collective has a right to the individual.

Who still shows that no one is that nobody is his own gentleman, that the individual individual still has the state – sooner to the Furst (or as always of this despot) – belonging and only furst or state the right to bring the individual to death.

Yes, even on this part of the abandoned death penalty, most states can oblige their members to the war or auxiliary service, ie to be easily sent to death from state businessgraphs. Of the high living risks because of a faulty order and security policy, for example in the strain traffic, in the case of permanently bad air, the many pollutants or because of marauding gangs in account, we do not talk about only.

The single person is more or less of the state and only this determines which Frondienste during the lifetime, one thinks of the tax rate of 40 percent and the inconvenient prohibitions (starting from: Burger durf have no weapon, must be careful with the opinion, thirst But on the highway race, what the stuff stopped) in everyday life. Emigrating was nothing basic, as there is no stateless stains Earth on this planet today.

Since the epoch of the declaration were the right to the Western person against the old religious dogmas, the right to create their lives in the community political (Republican democracies) and morally (Kant’s imperative), without damaging other, peaceful itself. Many have not even understood that in his scope or quickly forgotten again, some are waiting for revolutions of a wide variety of ways, several hope for any reforms. To avoid saying: Self-determination, self-government, authentic democracy is only very, very professed (cf. Z.B.: We live in a state without a significant parliament), the sovereignty potential of the clarified person remains quite unused and probably rather unused for a long time.

Children are basically state ownership

Children to have, that was a long time as a hard social standard of humans, that has changed now. Nothing changed on the one hand with the wishes of politics, media, militars and the economy after population growth – all are happy when people get more. Although okologically, the opposite urgently advised goods, but now the self-liberal or left-right journalists and politicians do not understand themselves.

On the other hand, on the other hand, on the claim of the state to the parents, the children had a good breeding donged to the parents. This duty was secured with a corresponding control structure – parents are committed to the well-being of their children. Healthy workfores that can read, write and expect and be useful for business and militar, all the countries, regardless of the state form, kept so.

With the poetic administrative structures, institutionalized children’s and youth welfare facilities, ie control instances on the population. Where parents neglect their cuisine, here opposite to their own children, the state-owned Furorge proceeds and takes the children away the parents away. That makes sense sometimes, can be sometimes. Parental separations are sanctioned with maintenance obligations and fails the sprout came too short, which concerns his education, he or she has appropriate civil acceptability – law and courts are quite child-oriented.

Modern parents

However, from the middle class, parents are very child-related today, keyword: helicopter parents, one may call the monkey. The little ones are readily rewarded after dash and thread, mobile phone, television, notebook, nursery anyway, where it is possible, the gait in the private school, foreign school year in the US, then a private car with 18. Religious teachers can be made in thickness, if necessary with lawyer.

With the child – seen from the direction of the parents – a performance and consumption competition is often held. The children and parents are below the multiculturalistic middle class. They are always strongly under the consumption and performance prere of the others.

But we come, with cowlen and anxious economic view, to the cost that causes a child. And in triple terms, namely the parents, then at the state and finally in the environment.

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