Chavez has purchased in a manufacturer of us electoral computers?

Shortly before the congress elections in the United States thrive intensity theories, the risk of blackouts is probably more concerned with the good practices of international corporations

In the United States, a suspicion has been geared this year, which indicates the widespread mistrust against the election computers and the concern before the fraud by means of the black box of the machines now also an international conspiracy theory. After in Marz 2005, the Californian company Sequoia Voting Systems of SmartMatic, since 2000 based in Florida, was bought, the guess came to the government of Hugo Chavez the congress elections on the 7.11. influence or stewed. Sequoia election computers are used in 17 US states. SMARTMATIC came the 24.000 election computers used in 2004 for the referendum in Venezuela, where Chavez was confirmed (Hugo Chavez Frias remains Prasident Venezuelas). The opposition threw the government election fraud. At 3. December will take place again elections, which makes the topic interesting about the American congress elections.

Has Chavez purchased in a manufacturer of US electoral computers?

Sagles the United Prasident Venezuela’s Unloved Prasident Venezuelas, who likes to join the US opponents, an attack on the congress elections?

The suspicion is not just one of the convimate intensity theories. After the democratic deputy CAROLYN MALONEY from New York was stumbled on the information that since 2003, the Venezuelan government has been through an investment of 200.000 US Dollar 28% of the software company Bizta, which together with the Venezuelan telecom group CANTV and SMARTMATIC 2004 equipped the polling stations in Venezuela with election computers, had written a letter to the Finance Minister. After that, the Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS) of the case had been accepted. The committee examines the consequences of foreign investment in American companies with regard to national security, chaired by US Finance Minister in terms of possible consequences for national security. Meanwhile, according to the Miami Herald, the committee initiated a formal investigation. The Venezuelan government points through the Ambassador in the United States the assertion as well as SMARTMATIC.

BizTA developed the programs for the SmartMatic election computers. In addition, with the Venezolans Antonio Mugica Rivero, Grunder and CEO of SmartMatic, and Alfredo Zola Jaumotte, co-generous of SmartMagic, personnel superscript in the leadership of the two companies. Oberdies was a representative of the Scientific Ministry of the Council of the BizTA in the investment of the government and before the mission to build the election computers. However, the election computers were already equipped with a parallel paper expression, which the opposition did not depend on the government to embody. However, the international election observers did not criticize the implementation of elections or evidence of suspicious irregularities. Maloney is suspected that even a payment of the paper prints can be manipulated, because it was supervised by the electoral fostering, the pro-Chavez was. Etilically, Chavez has annoyed with SmartMatic American companies from the Venezuelan market for election computers. The previously available election computers of the US company Election Systems Software had been replaced by Machines by SmartMatic.

Has Chavez purchased in a manufacturer of US electoral computers?

Election Computer from Sequoia

The money invested by Fondo de Credito Industrial in Bizta should have refunded this before the referendum. SmartMatic calls it as well as the Venezuelan government as a loan. Equipped with a lot of money through further appearance SMARTMATIC concluded with Sequoia acquire one of the largest election computer manufacturers in the US – with the aim of becoming the leading provider in Latin America and then in the world.

However, difficulty with SmartMatic prepare the complicated property differences, which, however, correspond to the conventional transnational corporations. Although the manager of the company is in Florida, these three companies are located: SmartMatic International in Delaware, SmartMatic International Holding in the Netherlands and SmartMatic International Group in Curacao, which in turn Pinate, Curaccao Corporation Co. And Netherlands Antilles Corporation Co. heard. This could, of course, not only bring financial and economic benefits, but in principle also serve political dimming. A speaker of smartmatic explained that diversification only served to facilitate international businesses. The family of Murciga continued to be 75% of the company. SmartMatic is a completely private company, no government is involved in any form to her.

Even according to research of Miami Herald, there were no evidence of a participation of the Venezuelan government. But a barely transparent, worldwide scattered network of participations, which probably serves primarily to circumvent taxes and to conceal possessions

Business Records Obtained By The Miami Herald in Willemstad’s Commercial Registry Providence No Evidence of Any Venezuelan Government Official or Agency AS Director, Associate, Employee or Proxy. What The Records Do Show Is The Circuitous Ownership Structure With A Paper Trail Leading From Willemstad to Amsterdam To Caracas To Delaware And Then To Boca Raton And Oakland, Calif.

Now chavez behind Sequoia, smartmatic and bizta? With the small, allegedly resumed participation of 200.000 US dollar goods the influence of the Venezuelan government probably even if so good, quite low. From the owners who come from rich families is not known if they are Chavez trail. However, the rich in Venezenaala are usually not supported to support his policy. But when it comes to money, that does not have to live much. Much more likely than the political conspiracy theory is the very legal and organized economic conspiracy organized by finance experts, to avoid the access of all states possible with possible complicated and international investment structures possible. So the US Ministry of Finance still had much to do, even if the enemy from the Suden does not penetrate capitalist methods and computer technologies into the heart of the democratic system and manipulated the elections.

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